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Our Dog Trainers come to you! K9 Centre Dog Trainers are Full Time  – Fully Insured – Certified Dog Training Professionals.

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Australia’s Premium Dog Training Behaviour Modification Specialist “No Dog is too young or too old to learn good behaviour” – THE K9 CENTRE  is a Professional dog training company that specialises in teaching owners and training companion dogs to be well mannered family companions. Martin Dominick Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and Certified Specialist Dog Trainer

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The K9 Centre Dog Trainers Australia

Dog Training Franchises Available in the Following Areas:

  • Northern, Queensland  Other Areas Available Cairns, Townsville
  • Sydney Regions – Country areas and Northern New South Wales
  • Perth –  Western Australia
  • Canberra – North and South ACT
  • Darwin – Northern Territory
  • Melbourne Suburbs – Victoria
  • Hobart – Tasmania