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The K9 Centre offers dog training, puppy training and behaviour consulting that focuses on your dog and you the owner. We train your dog and show you how to maintain your dogs training using “The K9 Smart Dog Training” techniques – so you and your canine friend can truly understand one another.

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Puppy Training made Simple – K9 PuppySmart

Do you have a new energetic puppy that is as cute as it is mischievous? Or do you just want to start of on the right foot with your new puppy? Don’t remember what it is like to bring a new puppy into your life. Contact us and ask about our K9 PuppySmart Program. The K9 Smart Program specifically designed for puppies under the age of 16 weeks. The K9 PuppySmart Program will take the hassle out of settling in a new puppy or showing how to curb new bad habits and preventing new ones.

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In Home Dog Training
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Solve your dog training problems with our in-home dog training programs. The K9 HomeSmart Dog Training Program means we come to you and solve your dog-related problems in your home. Your whole family can be involved so you achieve the best long term results. Our In Home Dog Training programs are an ideal way to work on many of the problems you encounter with your dog. Our tailored dog training programs are designed with your dog and lifestyle in mind.

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Dog Boarding and Training Programs | Live In Dog Training Brisbane | We will train your dog for you!

Dog Boarding & Training Programs
Dog Training while your dog stays with US

Don’t have the time to train your dog out of undesirable behaviours. Your work or family commitments take priority and because of that, your dog’s behaviour is being left unchecked. Going away on holiday and decide that you would like your dog to receive some training while it is in our dog boarding and training program. We understand that, and have developed an intensive training program called BoardSmart™.

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The K9 Centre Dog Training Company

About The K9 Centre – Dog Training is our Business

The K9 Centre is an Australian dog training company owned by Martin Dominick with trainers located throughout Queensland. We offer a wide range of dog training solutions for both the inexperienced and experienced dog owners who own puppy, junior or adult dogs. With a focus on individual programs tailored for your dog we deal with things like socialisation and obedience such as walking on lead, coming when called. Also other annoying behaviours such as jumping, digging, barking, toilet training, aggression and day to day general handling issues. Our private in-home dog training lessons achieve results quickly. You will see a marked difference in your dog’s behaviour from day one. The K9 Centre Dog Trainers use the unique K9 CalmSmart (TM) Method which provides a training pathway that caters for all behavioural issues and is proudly recommended by vets.

The K9 Centre Certified Trainers will get results. Results that are client focused. As full time professionals our mission is to provide a service to our clients that makes sense to them while using realistic proven techniques. Our background in the dog industry is diverse covering both pet dog training and specialist military working dog training services nationally and internationally. Call us and have a chat to one of our experienced dog trainers today! As a dog training company we have invested the time in making sure you and your dog gets the best possible outcome and service with minimal stress.

Martin Dominick Dog Trainer

Join Our Dog Training Team

The K9 Centre proudly introduces to you our Dog Training business opportunity to join us and become a Dog Trainer within our company. Whether you are already a dog trainer and wish to take your training to a higher level or you are wishing to take on a new career and you  feel that you are a person that would love working with people and their dogs and earn a good living while maintaining an excellent work life balance. We currently have places available and need great people to become even greater dog trainers please send us an email and find more…

Dog Training Franchise

Dog Training Franchise Join Us to become a dog trainer today
  • Training My Dog Charlie!

    I’ve just recently moved to the Gold Coast and given it is such a lovely area to go dog walking, I started walking my dogs.
    The reason I didn’t walk my dogs often previously was because I would get frustrated and angry with my Moodle named Charlie because he would pull on the lead and get very excited and not do what I wanted him to do.
    I decided to find someone to help me walk Charlie properly because I knew it was unhealthy to get angry at him all the time. Luckily my vet recommended Byron at K9 dog training.
    From the very first lesson with Byron, I immediately realized that I was not training my dog properly and that’s why I was not getting the results I wanted. I was so relieved to finally find that I can walk Charlie and enjoy it at the same time.
    I also loved the fact that if I ever have a problem with my dogs I can call Byron and he is happy to give me advice.
    I can’t Believe how quickly and easily my relationship with my dog went from frustrated and angry to loving and proud. Byron is a fantastic trainer and I strongly recommend you see him if you’re having any problems at all with your dogs.

    Leisa Nichols
    Finding Bliss in the moment
    0410 *** 734

    Dog Training Gold Coast


    Training for my Moodle Charlie
  • Our Boisterous Jack Russell

    “We were in search of a dog trainer after our boisterous Jack Russell began to rule the roost. We were lucky enough to set up a first session of in home training for the very next day of me sending an email. Byron has taught us a lot about dogs behavior and training. Although there is no quick fix to any issues we had, learning why she would behave (or misbehave) the way she would allowed us now to make the changes necessary in making our home a better environment for our young dog to grown and learn in.”

    Thanks again!


    Dog Training Gold Coast


    Our Boisterous Jack Russell
  • Just a huge thanks to The K9 Centre Brisbane North for helping me with Bella my Weimaraner cross, I rang The K9 Centre inquiring about the K9 BoardSmart Program and K9 HomeSmart Program (Dog boarding and training and In home Dog Training) as I was going away so I decided to give her to The K9 Centre Brisbane North for 2 nights then got straight into home smart training. It was the best move i have made! They had to do all the hard yards first then straight to me, I followed through with everything! I got her from the RSPCA and she was shy, timid, dominating, walking her was a nightmare when other people or dogs were around and just would not listen. I can happily say I enjoy walking her now and she listens!! She has some confidence back she is still improving and always will as long as I follow what The K9 Centre has shown me. I know where Bella is going if I go away again, she trusts him I know she is happy and content there! Thanks heaps Monique & Bella

    Bella my Weimaraner Cross from the RSPCA needed help!
  • Our puppy Max who is 7 months old, is extremely energetic and always seeking attention. Since Max is a beagle his nose tends to take over and he seems to forget his hearing ability, thus completely ignoring anything my husband and I would say. Another issue that we had was the continuous barking at anything he found in the garden.

    We had previously taken Max to another puppy school, however that was a class full of puppies and we simply did not get all the information we needed to get Max fully trained. We than decided to try The K9 Centre Home Smart Training as we thought it would be best to get Max trained in the environment that he is accustomed to. This was by far the best choice we made, from the first day that The K9 Centre North’s Dog Trainer came to our home for training we started noticing changes in Max’s behaviour straight away. The techniques and the psychology behind Max’s behaviour is what we needed to learn in order to get Max to listen to us. The K9 Centre Brisbane North  took a lot of time and effort to understand Max’s behaviour to ensure that he gave us all the critical details we needed in order to get Max’s behaviour changed. Since the training Max is listening to both my husband and I, his barking is under control and he is much calmer and well behaved when we have people over. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all  your time, effort and patience in helping us get our puppy Max fully trained. We know that if we have any issues with Max we can give them a call any time and he will be happy to assist us. We would confidently recommend The K9 Centre Brisbane North to anyone who needs help with their dogs as he is an excellent trainer. Kind regards, Dinel, Deepa and Max

    Thank You from All of Us and Max
  • Bear is a 11 month old German Shepherd who is very clever and full of life. I was finding him very hard to train and to get to behave on command. After spending a little bit of time researching ways to train my dog I came across the K9 Centre Australia website and found the Boardsmart Program where I could board my dog and have him trained at the same time.

    Bear is the usual German Shepherd puppy, full of life and always wanting to play. He was a nightmare to take for a walk because he would pull on the lead the entire way and when another dog came past he would bark and bark until it was out of his sight. Im not a big girl and was afraid to take him for a walk incase he saw something and decided to take off. Bear is close to 45kg and with me not much heavier than him I was afraid of being pulled over.

    That wasn’t all of Bear’s problems, he would also jump up on people when they first went out to see him. In the end friends and family would not go outside to say hello because they didn’t want to get balled over.

    After getting in contact with the K9 Centre  Gold Coast I decided that it would be a good idea to send Bear to him to get some help. I recently went away for work and decided that the best thing for me to do with Bear was to send him to The K9 Centre to have him boarded and trained at the same time.

    After having Bear with The K9 Centre for 10 days I returned to pick him up and saw a completely different dog. I was amazed with the work they had done to calm Bear. The K9 Centre Trainers spent a few hours with me before I took Bear home and went through all of the training he had done and ways for me to continue the training at home to make sure Bear would continue to develop. K9 also informed me that if I had any problems or concerns I could give him a call or an email and he would help me out so that my pup would remain on track.

    I have had Bear home for a little bit now and I as well as friends and family can see the change in him. He is still a very energetic dog with lots of life but will sit, drop and stay as well as be corrected with verbal commands. Bear will also walk on the lead at heel without tugging an pulling and is corrected with the ‘AHHH’ command if he starts to pull. It is still a work in progress with Bear but with help I’m sure I’m well on my way to having a well behaved dog.

    I would recommend the K9 Centre to anyone who has trouble training their dog. The methods they use are brilliant and safe and work as I can see from experience with Bear.

    I would like to say a massive thank you to all. You have done such wonderful work with my pup and I hope I do you proud by not slipping up and continuing to progress with my dog.

    Thank you very much I am very appreciative of you.

    Hannah Twist
    Gold Coast


    German Shepherd Bear
    Bear is a 11 month old German Shepherd
  • Hi, My name is Tania and I am the owner of two Rottweilers, Jake who is now 10 years old and Diego who is 18 months old. I have been training with the K9 Centre since February 2004.
    I found the services of the K9 Centre through the internet and was quiet impresses with what he had to say when I got in touch with them about training Diego. Jake has had some professional training before and I was interested in trying a different method, it seems that Jake is being re-educated in a sense and he is responding well to The K9 Centres way of dog training.
    Since Diego has started training we have gone from doing a full range of obedience to protection work and now we are working on tracking, Diego has a long way to go and I have all intentions of staying with the K9 Centre
    Although I have a small amount of experience in training dogs, The Trainers at the K9 Centre have shown me a whole new path to ways of training my dogs and I am extremely pleased with the results. It is quiet pleasing to find a dog trainer that does not use food as the only way to train dogs
    Tania – Jake and Diego
    Buderim Sunshine Coast

    Rottweiler Dog Training
    Jake and Diego – Rottweilers in Training
  • I thought I should give you some feedback on Sasha since it’s been a couple of weeks now. Since visiting you she’s been great! She’s almost perfect on walks and doesn’t pull at all. I’ve been doing walking most nights and doing some training with Sash and another German shepherd (from down the road) and she loves it! She gets so excited when I get out the equipment, she sits in front of me as soon as she hears the jingle. She still has a fair way to go but she is 150% better than she was. She’s even better at home, the neighbours don’t hate her as much anymore. Thanks heaps for all your help, your advice was practical, straight forward and totally effective. It’s opened up huge potential in Sasha, its up to me now to help her realise it.
    Thanks Again
    Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

    Sasha Sits Mooloolaba
  • No more digging or taking our clothes from the line!”

    We thought we would take this opportunity to tell you how Sasha is going. Last you would have heard, she was at the digging stage. Since she turned 2 years old, she has changed dramatically. No more digging, taking clothes off the line, destroying plants… Sasha matured overnight almost. We thought all the training we did with you was not working, then all of a sudden she responded. She comes to us when we call, even if we are at the dog park and she is playing, (this was a big problem at one stage, she would run off and ignore us). She responds very well to the “argh” command, with or without her collar on. We would like to thank you for all your help over the past two years.
    You have helped us to make Sasha a well natured, beautiful dog. She is wonderful company and is very protective of Liz..
    Scott and Liz

    No more digging, taking clothes off the line…….
  • “I would like to applaud you on your great methods. I’m generally a septic when it comes to really fixing a problem but you made it possible for me to effortlessly get involved and enjoy my dog Lucy. The whole experience has been enjoyable for us both…”

    Kind Regards Mary Allen

    Kelpie Dog Training
    I would Like to Applaud The K9 Centre Dog Trainers
  • “I am a really busy person – a mum, a wife, a friend, etc. – and The K9 Centre Gold Coast has helped me to get my two little babies in line and toilet trained them at the same time. I realised that with the right instruction my job was so much easier.
    Thank you K9 Centre.”
    Heather Brady
    Gold Coast, Australia

    Sally Shitzu Maltese Dog Training
    Heather Brady – ThankYOU! The K9 Centre Gold Coast
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