Cadbury our 18 month old Boxer Dog

An 18 Month old Boxer Dog who NEEDS Training

Cadbury our 18 month old Boxer Dog

We have an 18 month old Boxer dog who was absolutely unruly. We had sent him to training at another dog training centre and he actually came back after a week of being away worse than when he left. Cadbury was unruly, chewed things especially plants, dug the garden and was very boisterous.

After a phone call to the K9 Centre and several sessions later Cadbury is a different dog, certainly much better behaved, listens to commands , walks much better on the lead, has not chewed anything of significance since the training started and is certainly less boisterous but most of all he has not lost his wonderful character. All thanks to The K9 Centre dog trainers and their patience with both dog and owners.

Thank you guys from Simon, Denise, Jenny and especially Cadbury, we would recommend you to anybody to train their do

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