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The K9 Centre Founder – Martin Dominick

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I’m  Martin Dominick 

Professional Specialist Dog Trainer & Business Owner

Professional Specialist Dog Trainer MD

The K9 Centre Founder & Head Trainer

One of Australia’s leading dog training consultants, Martin Dominick, has trained countless dogs and dog lovers over the past 30 years in Australia and abroad. With the tremendous success of The K9 Centre and the problem of turning away clients due to popularity , Martin created The K9 Centre to have others with the same passion help him continue his work. Martin decided to take everything he’d ever learned about the dog business, and everything great about working with dogs, and create Australia first real dog training business that encompassed all types of dog training from puppies, obedience problems & dog psychology to full working dog training. And that’s how The K9 Centre Smart Systems where born.
With Martin serving as a R.A.A.F Police Dog Handler / Trainer, and whilst still serving in The Royal Australian Air force back in 1991 his skills as an awarded dog trainer where sought by others in the dog community outside of the R.A.A.F. Martin’s career in the dog industry sky rocketed from there. Martin has certified dog training qualifications and experience in dog psychology & problem solving, Police Dog Training, Tracking, Detection Dog Training ( Explosives, Drugs etc ) search and rescue.

As part of the services provided through his K9 businesses, Martin has:

  • Trained, sold dogs and conducted courses for overseas Police, Military Forces and Quarantine Services and large corporate clients.
  • Developed K9 capability for Australasian Correctional Management – Drug Dog and General Purpose Dog
  • Provided Security and Explosive detection dogs for the N.S.W. State Rail Authority & the NSW Department of Education.
  • Trained 38 Termite Detection Dogs for members of the Pest Control and building industry in Australia and abroad.
  • Trained guard/dog teams for general patrol work.
  • Train dogs in the Solomon Islands for Gold Ridge Gold Mines.
  • Trained Explosives Detection Dogs for other private Australian Businesses
  • Designed courses and course content for overseas dog units catering for cultural differences and translatable efficiency.
  • Trained Explosive Detection Dogs for Presidential Security Team.
  • Trained and Supplied dogs to the Japanese Search and Rescue Association and Japanese Dog School Instructors.
  • Trained and Supplied Drug Detection Dogs and Handler Training for an International Customs Dog Unit.
  • Trained Many family pets that were lost causes and on the verge of death row.
  • Trained companion dogs for the disabled.
  • Trained dogs for television: Home and Away, Totally Wild, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Brisbane Extra, Today and The Morning Show
  • Trained and implemented the worlds first Termite Detection Dogs for Power Poles for Australia’s Leading Electricity Company
  • Trained three teams of 8 Explosives Detection Dogs and handlers for a major international company in three different countries.
  • Trained Australia’s First Tiger Quoll Detection Dog
  • Trained Australia’s First Bee Disease Detection Dog.

About MD

One of Australia’s leading specialist dog training consultants, Martin Dominick, has trained countless dogs, dog owners and specialist handler teams over the past 33 years in Australia and abroad. With the tremendous success of The K9 Centre and the problem of turning away clients due to popularity, Martin has created an immersive process of training that involves technology based training, combined with face to face workshops to deliver a complete methodology for the client. Martin decided to take everything he had ever learnt about the dog training industry, and consolidate it into modern client centric programs that help everyone from mum and dad dog owners through to budding professional dog trainers looking for a mentor to assist in fully developing their practice.

While Martin served as a R.A.A.F Police Dog Handler / Trainer during the mid 80′s early 90′s his skills as an awarded dog trainer where sought by others in the dog community outside of the R.A.A.F. His career in the dog industry sky rocketed from there. He has experience in developing other dog trainers skills levels so they become ethical and competent trainers for their clients. Whether you want home dog training, business skills development, specialist K9 applications such as K9 Unit implementation and capability building or detection or protection dog training and supply, Martin has the verifiable real world experience backed by a modern support system to help you reach your goals.

The K9 Centre’s Head Trainer, Martin Dominick has the following Qualifications and Awards:

  • Member of the Royal Australian Air Force ( R.A.A.F ) Police Dog Mustering ( Job description: Certified R.A.A.F Police Military Working Dog Handler and Trainer) . Certificate IV in Police Dog Training and Handling & Certificate IV in Kennel Management.
  • Recipient of the Instructors Award while on POLDOG Basic Course 1/87 for attitude and dedication to his work.
  • Co-founder for the first explosives license course for dog trainers to hold explosives for training.
  • Certificate IV Workplace Trainer / Assessor
  • Head Instructor for a Military Presidential K9 Unit. This position entails monitoring the training assessment and ongoing certification of the K9 Unit handlers and Detection dogs and V.I.P. Police trained dogs.
  • Internationally Certified Micro Particle Detection Dog Trainer (SOKKS)
  • MISC Card Holder
  • Academic Certification –  Certified Canine Odour Source Detection Dog Trainer. According to the Internationally  Approved  Military /Police Standards Certified by the Centre for Behavioural Sciences of Canines.
  • Diploma in Security and Risk Management
  • Licensed Security Advisor
  • Certificate III in Security Operations – Elective Units: CPPSec 3113 – Handle Dogs For Security Patrols / CPPSEC3112 – Manage Training and Well-Being Of Dogs For Security Functions
  • Co-Authored Peer Reviewed Paper – Methods in Ecology and Evolution – British Ecological Society


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