Martin Dominick Head trainer and founder of the K9 Centre

About The K9 Centre Dog Training Company

The K9 Centre is a family based dog training company that has been operating for well over 33 years in the dog training industry.

Our aim is to provide quality dog training solutions to our clients (you) that are not based on gimmicks, but methods that work. We help you to enhance the relationship between your dog and you the owner

We have over  33 YEARS experience in the dog training industry in both with problem solving and specialist areas. 

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My name is Martin Dominick, I am the Owner of The K9 Centre and its Head Trainer.  I would like to welcome you to our website and the services we offer and sincerely hope that you find the answers you are looking for about dog training and ownership. Our mission is to help you step by step through any situation you might find yourself in with your dog or dogs.

As a dog trainer who started professionally in 1986 and has worked continuously in the industry since then, I can say from experience that the larger percentage of “dog related problems or training requirements” have a solution.  It is very rare that a dog cannot be helped. ( Some owners however……!)
My focus as a trainer has always been on the owner. If I can empower the client to be the owner (aka trainer) their dog needs then many of the situations are easily solved with our support.

This site, which is the doorway to our dog training services, is designed with you in mind. Its goal is to show you the training solutions we offer, that align with your training enquiry, and the process by which we deliver that training solution to you.

Those solutions are based on the many hours we have spent, over the past 30 years or so, with our clients. By managing their enthusiasm and expectations, helping them through the most stressful times with their dogs and ultimately helping them develop dog ownership skills, that make them the best dog owner they can be for their dog.

So, in the interest of keeping you interested, let’s keep this short.

If you have questions let me know. Ask as many questions as you need to help you decide if you want to become a valued client.

If you do become a client of The K9 Centre thank you we look forward to working with you. If not thanks anyway for taking the time to read this.

Client or not please… take some time out with your dog today!

Because Dogs Dont Come With Instructions
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The K9 Centre Business Hours

Lessons outside of these hours are by appointment only.

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