aggression problems with your dog

Aggression Problems with your dog!

aggression problems with your dog
Aggression in dogs can seem a daunting problem with no hope for a solution, but in my experience that is not always the case.
Your dog showing aggression is a communication to you it’s owner. Your dog is telling you that something is threatening it. Whether that threat is real or perceived is not the issue. All that matters is the dog thinks it is a real threat, hence the aggression.
So what is your next step ?
First thing for you to do is take some time to reflect on your dog’s life so far. Can you think of any occasion where your dog has been placed in a position of fear, intentionally or not? Then think if in that moment your dog showed some form of aggression after which the threat went away for the dog. If this is something you can remember then that could be the cause of your dog’s aggression. If] it was caused by an external experience it also means that we can train your dog to not be aggressive. If you think your dog has been aggressive from the day it was born then that is a different story.
When we work with you and your dog we begin a determination of whether or not yourndog is genetically predisposed to aggressive behaviour or whether it is as a result of an environmental experience. Both reasons need a different approach but in my experience it is rare to find a dog that is genetically faulted causing aggression.
What can you do now?
Firstly don’t panic. Let’s have a discussion so I can help make some sense of it.
When we do I will suggest how you can start the process of change. This will give you some relief from it while I work on a program that suits my training goal and your need and expectations for a solution.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me. If I don’t answer straight away leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you’re an international enquirer we can converse via Skype or email if that is preferable.
Aggression doesn’t have to scary. In most cases it is manageable if you follow the proper training procedures.
Because Dogs Dont Come With Instructions
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