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The K9 Centre Dog Training Company Brisbane Queensland

The K9 Centre


The K9 Centre Trademark is our Business.

What our K9 Centre trademark means to you:

This means you cannot name your business for example: K9 Centre or canine centre or k-9 centre or any other combination.

It also means you cannot use part or in whole our logo.

If you have a look on IP Australia, names like The Canine Anger Management Centre, K9 Play Centre, and K-9 Action Centre all could not be Trademarked or used due to it infringing our Trademark.

You may have seen The K9 Centre Sydney, The K9 Centre Gold Coast etc these are all part of The K9 Centre Group.

I have been told ” How is that fair “K9 Centre” is a generic term. Our answer is: K9 Centre is and was first used by us in Sydney back in the 1990s at that time no-one else in Australia was using this name or term. We have continued to operate continuously under The K9 Centre banner since that time. We have followed the process of trademarking The K9 Centre words and logo, investing time and money into legally obtaining the trademark. We will fight trademark infringement vigorously as it is the foundation of our business.

If you are unsure that your intended business name or current business name is an infringement of our hard won trademark please don’t hesitate to contact us as it is always our intention initially to remedy any potential infringement in an amicable way. Failing that we will take legal action which is very costly to you.


What happens if You Register a Business name or web address with K9 Centre, Canine Centre or K-9 Centre or combination of in Australia?

You are infringing on our Trademark. We will first ask you to please remove any infringement on our trademark from your business practice. We understand that mistakes happen. However if our requests are ignored you will receive a time framed “Cease and Desist” letter from us and then if that is ignored we will commence legal proceedings against you via a time framed “Letter of Demand” from our legal representation. Unfortunately this means that you the infringing business or individual will be asked to pay all legal costs to us. We have successfully defended trademark infringements in the past.



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