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Crazy, Erratic and Hyper. Our 2 year old Border Collie, Cleo!

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Another K9 Centre Australia Testimonial - Dog Training Brisbane

Crazy, erratic and hyper. This is how we used to describe our 2 year old Border Collie (Cleo) before The K9 Centre Brisbane North came into our lives. Shadow chasing, pulling on the lead and jumping up on people were Cleo’s specialties. According to Cleo anything that moved needed to be pounced on. We exercised Cleo twice a day in a bid to tire her out but she was like the energizer bunny…she just kept going and going. I called The K9 Centre to explain our dilemma and they advised that we were physically tiring her out but not mentally. The K9 Centre advised us that they had worked with many Border Collies with great results and we booked in our first lesson straight away.

Within minutes of arriving at our house they had managed to capture Cleo’s attention and we noticed a change in her demeanor almost instantly. After one week of using The K9 Centres techniques Cleo became a different dog. Taking her for a walk actually became a pleasure rather than a chore. I never thought I would be able to say this but Cleo does not even need a lead anymore. She now sits, drops, and stays on voice command alone. The trainer was a pleasure to work with. He was calm and answered every question we ever had. We often say we wish we knew what we know now when Cleo was a puppy. If we now had to describe Cleo in the 3 words they would be: obedient, calm and playful (she is a Border Collie after all). Thank you for all your help! We cannot thank you enough!

Kate, Jeremy & Cleo

Brisbane, Queensland

Kate and Jeremy

North Brisbane, Queensland

Border Collie
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