doberman dog training

An excitable Doberman who was not responsive to training until The K9 Centre Brisbane North did there magic…

doberman dog training

Having owned dogs all our lives we found ourselves a little overwhelmed by our latest addition to the family, a very excitable Doberman who was not very responsive to training. We decided to book both our Doberman and our Beagle into K9.

After our dogs completed the 10 day Board Smart program it was incredible to see the results of your training and the difference in the dog’s behaviour. They returned home calm, controlled and responsive to the commands they were given. Upon handover The K9 Centre Brisbane North’s trainer spent two hours with us carefully showing us what he had taught the dogs and teaching us how to keep the training ongoing.

Over the next couple of months we met once a fortnight for an hour to continue the training. We soon learnt that training dogs was also about training us. They helped to teach us at the same time as training the dogs. The K9 Centre was able to explain the training techniques in a way that made it a pleasure to spend time training our dogs. Their commitment to the dogs and us was nothing short of amazing, he has taught us how to continue the great training that he completed whist the dogs were in his care. We are now able to enjoy time with our dogs without the continual battle to calm them down and follow commands, walking the dogs is now a pleasure not a chore. We can not thank The K9 Centre Brisbane North enough for what they have achieved for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending K9 to anyone who needs quality training.

Many thanks K9.

Pat & Sonja Greene


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