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We have dog training available in all suburbs Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

Puppy Training, Dog Training , Dog Boarding & Training & Family Protection Dog Training

Our trainers deal with any dog related problem including:
  • Antisocial behaviour towards humans, other dogs and objects
  • Barking
  • All dog aggression problems
  • Biting, Nipping and Mouthing
  • Destruction which includes chewing and digging
  • Jumping
  • Over excitement
  • Hyperactivity and hyperactive tendencies
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Recall problems
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Inappropriate toilet habits
  • Crate Training
  • We train any dog, any age, any problem!
Puppy Training, Puppy Training Classes, Puppy Training Lessons

Welcome to “The K9 Centre” Australia’s Premier Dog Training Company

We are located around Australia with a trainer near you. The K9 Centre Australia has been solving dog ownership & dog obedience training and behavioural issues using the unique K9 CalmSmart training methods developed by Martin Dominick since 1989. This has been so successful that we are expanding around Australia to meet demand. With our K9 CalmSmart programs we cover ALL problems and ALL dogs from puppies to adults. Have one of our trainers design a tailored program to suit you and your dogs needs.
Our background in the dog industry is extensive covering both pet dog training and specialist working dog training services. Our aim is to provide a quality service to our clients where we enhance the relationship between dog and owner / handler with our range of K9 Calm Pressure techniques. The best relationships are formed by having love and respect and our goal is to teach you the owner how to achieve a worthy, credible, long lasting and enjoyable relationship with your dog whether it is a family pet or a high level protection or detection dog.
Our hand selected team of certified dog trainers are continually developing their knowledge and skills to be able to offer you and your dog the best possible service and solution for your individual needs. We have franchised our business which allows us to continually train dedicated people who love what they are doing and who offer you our programs with guaranteed results.m

dog training obedience lessons and classes

Our Dog Training Philosophy

At some stage of their lives all dogs will benefit from a structured training program. No matter what you have in mind for your dog, whether you want to train it to become a Companion Dog for a small child, a top level Security Dog, or the nation’s top Explosives or Drug Detector Dog. All dogs must be trained correctly so they will always enjoy their companionship or the work they do. There are no quick fixes or tricks when training your dog.

We do use training methods that compliment the dog’s individual temperament. The training is thorough and takes advantage of different situations and environments that enrich the learning process and build the dog’s all round stability and proficiency. One of the most important components in any dog training is the use of Canine Psychology. It is extremely important to communicate the correct message to the dog if you require the right response. We build a trust and then develop the dog’s proficiency through exercises that are planned from a confidence base – not a fear base. As a service we also offer specific training programs for your dog that are designed with the dog’s individual temperament and normal environment in mind. This is where our K9 Smart programs come in along with the use of K9 Calm Smart Training