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Because Dogs Dont Come With Instructions

If you are looking for dog training that is:

  • Dog Training without pain inflicted on your pet.
  • Dog Training without food, your pet is not food motivated.
  • Dog Training that is kind and humane, positive and leadership based.
  • Dog Training with a quick, calm effective method, no stress and no yelling.
  • Free telephone advice

A family owned and operated Dog training Company business with over 100 vet practices referring to us Australia wide and growing.
All of our dog trainers are experienced and are trained and guided by Martin Dominick who has 30+ years of dog training experience in both the Military with working dogs and the Civilian Dog Training field with Obedience and Behavioural Dog Training.

For further information about us or our dog training programs please Call 1300 225 559

Our trainers deal with any dog related problem including:

Dog Training Problems Solved:


In Home Puppy Training
Ideal for puppies of ALL breeds. We teach you all you need to know to bring into your life. The best advice and outcomes without stress.

Puppy Training


In Home Dog Training
Our In Home Dog Training programs are a great one on one personal dog training solution. We give private in home consultations using our K9 HomeSmart training techniques. We come to you and train your dog and you.

Dog Training


Live In Dog Training
Our K9 BoardSmart training programs are a great and stress free option for you and your dog. your dog stays with one of our trainers and we do the hard work for you.

Board & Train

We offer the following dog training programs :

Puppy Lessons In Home and Classes

  • Puppy management, socialisation and introduction
  • Everything you need to know when you bring home your new puppy.

In Home Dog Training

  • Basic and Advanced obedience
  • Behaviour modification, interacting with children
  • Aggressive behaviour towards people and / or other dogs
  • Housebreaking, crate training problems
  • Pulling on the leash, lead problems
  • Jumping on people and objects Dog Training Experts in the Brisbane
  • Being afraid of new people and new objects
  • Ignoring and understanding basic commands
  • Destructive habits like chewing and digging
  • Suffering from severe separation anxiety
  • And, just plain old lack of manners!

Dog Boarding and Training Courses

  • Your dog stays with us NOT in a Kennel
  • Basic and Advanced obedience
  • Behaviour modification Advanced obedience
  • Pulling on the leash, not coming when called
  • Jumping on people and objects
  • Being afraid of new people and strange objects
  • Ignoring basic obedience commands
  • Destructive habits like chewing and digging
  • Suffering from severe separation anxiety
  • And just plain old lack of manners!
  • Aggressive behaviour towards people and / or other dogs is NOT suitable for a boarding and training program situation

Our Dog Training packages will are tailored for each dog, dog owner and dog problem as required.
Call: 1300 225 559 and have one of our trainers return your call and discuss your requirement.

Please note Dog Aggression will be dealt with within a private lesson situation involving the owner and dog.

K9 PuppySmart - In Home Puppy Training

K9 HomeSmart - In Home Dog Training

K9 BoardSmart - Boarding and Training

Contact us at the K9 Centre Brisbane for all of your dog training advice and needs

We have dog training available in all suburbs Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

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Puppy Training

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