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If you are looking for a more realistic dog training method and a better way to train your dog without yelling, using food or punishment this is the way to do it. The K9 Centre CalmSmart™ approach allows you to calmly teach your dog or puppy what you want from it. NO HARSH methods used and its enjoyable. We have a range of K9 Smart™Programs which include K9 PuppySmart (Puppy Training Classes or One on One Lessons, K9 HomeSmart ( We come to you and give you and your dog or Puppy a series of lessons), K9 BoardSmart ( We board your dog whilst you are away or just needing a hand and train him/her at the same time) and lastly our K9 WorkSmart Program this program takes your dog to the next level of training teaching the basic working abilities). Our great range of K9 CalmSmart Dog training programs will have you and your K9 companion confidently heading in the right direction within your first lesson.

Dog Training

5 K9 Puppy Smart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
Puppy Training
  • What next a new Puppy?
  • Bringing your new puppy home
  • How to train without punishments
  • How to train without treats
  • Happy puppy equals happy owner
  • All Puppy Problems
5 k9 HomeSmart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
In Home Dog Training
  • We come to you!
  • Private One On One Dog Training
  • Aggression Specialist
  • Dog and human Aggression
  • Toilet Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Barking Problems
  • Just Plain Lack of Manners
  • We Fix ALL Problems
5 K9 BoardSmart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
Dog Boarding and Training
  • We Train Your Dog for You
  • Your Dog Problems Solved
  • Free Hand back Lesson
  • Top Quality Food Supplied
  • 24 hour Vet on Call
  • On Holidays or Need a break
puppysmart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training

K9 PuppySmart – Puppy Training & Puppy Classes

We will teach new puppy owners through our unique training program, the correct procedures in the handling, training, rearing and socialisation of young puppies from 8 weeks of age. (We will interact with a pup that is younger but a puppy should be with its mother until at least 8 weeks. Sometimes this is not possible, but remember this is a critical time for puppies to develop behaviour patterns through imprinting. In other words what happens to the now stays with them and affects their entire life.

This program is designed to give your new puppy a jump start in the right direction. The interactive group sessions or our highly personalised home based program will ensure your puppy is the best puppy on the block.

The classes are conducted at local venues and bookings are essential. Our Puppy classes are all about starting your puppy on the right track. Using our unique “Calm Smart” training method you will see results in your puppies training. In our puppy classes and lesson we focus on K9 Psychology and combining this with “Calm Smart” training you will see a more relaxed better behaved puppy. Our training is not conducted with the use chains, e collars, haltis, harnesses, or even food and I promise you will be amazed at the results. You and your pup learn stress and pain free. Contact Us for a location nearest you. 1300 225 559

K9 Centre Puppy Training Puppy Classes and Puppy Lessons - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
K9 homeSmart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training

K9 CalmSmart -In Home Private Training Lessons

Do you have a dog that is making your life at home a misery? Does it jump up, chew your belongings, dig holes or bark at seemingly nothing? Are you about to pull your hair out with frustration! Then the K9 HomeSmart™ Program is  your answer.  Your personal dog trainer will  come to your home and solve those annoying doggy issues.  You will be shown the right techniques to use  on your dog and you will be completely supported throughout the program.

Our K9 Home Smart Dog Training programs is one of our most popular. This  is a program where we come and train in your home. We train where you are having your problems so we can fix them on the spot and give you the advice you need.

We fix all problems including but not limited to:

  • Barking
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Biting & mouthing
  • Escaping
  • Jumping
  • Dog to Dog & Dog to Human Aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Pack Rivalry
  • Destruction: digging, chewing, pulling clothes from the line …

This is just a small example of some of the problems we fix and explain to you why your dog has them.

Call 1300 225 559 to book an In-home Lesson.

Dog Training Classes and In Home Dog Training Lessons - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
boardsmart dog boarding and training - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training

K9 BoardSmart -Dog Boarding and Training Programs

Are you going on holidays or desperately  need a break from your dog?  Leave your dog with us and let us train it to  be a friendly, sociably accepted member of your family. The program includes  all boarding and training costs.  We also spend time with you at the end of the program to show you how to handle your newly trained four legged friend.

This form of training is an excellent way to maximise your dog’s time in  the kennel. It will enjoy the stay because of the daily stimulus provided by our training program. It is perfect for people that don’t necessarily have the time  to attend private training or group classes but still want a controlled dog in public and around the home, whilst eliminating any problems at the same time.

Our Training Program includes:

  • Basic Dog Psychology
  • Socialisation  Exercises
  • Bite Control (If needed)
  • Pre Command Exercises
  • Any Problem related exercise ( this will be carried out as per request)

These training programs run over a two week period, but we are able to keep your dog for longer periods if required. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL
Christmas and Easter periods are usually booked out 3  months in advance

Call 1300 225 559 for all bookings and to find a K9 BoardSmart Centre nearest you.

dog boarding and training lessons we will train your dog for you - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training
k9 worksmart - K9 Calm Smart Dog Training

K9 WorkSmart – Protection Dog Training for All Situations

K9 WorkSmart is one of our K9 Smart programs that allows you as a dog owner to implement the basics of family protection into your dogs life in a safe and reliable manner. Train your dog to be a valuable and enjoyable well balanced family pet, that can also provide you with safe reliable protection for your family and its territory. This program will teach you and your dog without dangerous aggression, to be a solid, calm well trained dog. This will NOT turn your dog into dangerous aggressive psychopath.

Call 1300 225 559 and find out more about our Working Dogs and Working Dog Programs Prices for this program are different for each client and discussed with when you apply.

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