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The K9 Centre Dog Training Company has trainers located throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We use the latest training techniques backed by Martin Dominick’s 30 years experience in the dog training industry! The K9 Centre trainers will get results. Results that are client focused. As full time professionals our mission is to provide a service to our clients that makes sense to them while using realistic proven techniques. Our background in the dog industry is diverse covering both pet dog training and specialist military working dog training services nationally and internationally. Call us and have a chat to one of our experienced dog trainers today! As a dog training company we have invested the time in making sure you and your dog gets the best possible outcome and service with minimal stress.

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Puppy Training

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In Home Dog Training

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Dog Training Classes

Dog Obedience Training Classses - Dog & Puppy Training School

In Kennel Training

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Puppy Training Classes & Lessons

Do you have a new energetic puppy that is as cute as it is mischievous? Or do you just want to start of on the right foot with your new family member? So where do you start……? Contact us and ask about our K9 PuppySmart Program. The K9 Smart Program specifically designed for puppies under the age of 16 weeks.
The K9 PuppySmart Program will take the hassle out of settling in a new pup. Interested?

Puppy Training
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In Home Dog Training

Solve your dog problems with our in-home dog training programs. The K9 HomeSmart Dog Training Program means we come to you and solve your dog-related problems. Your whole family can be involved so you achieve the best long term results. The K9 HomeSmart is an ideal way to work on many of the problems you encounter with your dog. This dog training program is designed with your lifestyle in mind.

In Home Dog Training
Dog Training Classes - Dog & Puppy Training School

Dog Behavioural Training Classes

This is designed for owners wishing to participate in Group Dog Training Sessions. Designed to deal specifically with issues related to general basic obedience as well as aggression and socialization behaviours. Our format is fast and exciting and you will leave the class feeling motivated, maybe a little exhausted, but the results will be excellent. The class numbers are limited. Dog Training Lessons, Dog Training Classes, In Home Dog Training

Dog Training Classes
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Dog Boarding and Training Programs

Don’t have the time to train your dog out of undesirable behaviours. Your work or family commitments take priority and because of that, your dog’s behaviour is being left unchecked. Going away on holiday and decide that you would like your dog to receive some training while it is boarding. We understand that, and have developed an intensive training program called BoardSmart™.

In Kennel Training
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