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We have many dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend.

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Our Number 1 priority is you and your dog. We believe in our dog training abilities and hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to training your dog. We truly care about your dog as much as you do, which is why we offer the best dog training methods suited to you, your situation and YOUR dog.
In addition, The K9 Centre constantly offers the best honest, common sense advice.

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Dog Training Brisbane, All Suburbs. Your Specialist Professional Dog Trainers Queensland.

Private Puppy Training with K9 Puppy Smart lessons Brisbane All areas
K9 Puppy Smart Puppy Training Brisbane all AREAS

Lessons with our Dog Trainers

Puppy Training K9 Puppysmart

Do you have a new, energetic puppy, that is as cute as it is mischievous? Or do you just want to start off on the right foot with your new puppy? Don’t remember what it is like to bring a new puppy into your life?. Contact us and ask about our K9 PuppySmart Program. Its the K9 Smart Program specifically designed for puppies under the age of 20 weeks. The K9 PuppySmart Program takes the hassle out of settling in a new puppy by showing you how to curb bad habits and by preventing new ones. puppy training Brisbane dog training Brisbane Dog Boarding

Puppy Training

In Home Dog Training One on One Dog Training 101
K9 Home Smart In Home Dog Training Brisbane

Our Dog Trainers Come to You!

In Home Dog Training

Solve your dog training problems with our in-home dog training program. The K9 HomeSmart Dog Training Program means we come to you and solve your dog-related problems in the comfort of your home. We recommend that your whole family be involved so you achieve the best long term results. Our In Home Dog Training program deals specifically with any lifestyle behaviour problems you may be experiencing with your dog. The tailored dog training solutions will show you how to achieve that enjoyment level you are seeking with your dog. One on One dog training Brisbane All suburbs call us today

In Home Dog Training

Live in Dog Training Dog Boarding and training Brisbane
K9 Board Smart Live In Dog Training Brisbane

Your Dog Stays with Us

Live in Dog Boarding & Training

Dog training while your dog stays with us, in a premium home environment. If you don’t have the time to invest in effectively training your dog out of undesirable behaviours then the K9 BoardSmart program is for you. Lets face it we all get busy. You know you need to sort out your dog’s undesirable behaviour, but you also need to go to work or  go on that holiday you’ve had planned for 12 months. Let us take on that responsibility for the short term so you can benefit over the long term.

Dog Boarding & Training

Dog Training Brisbane, All Suburbs. Your Specialist Professional Dog Trainers Queensland.

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Dog & Puppy Training for ALL Dogs, ALL Needs and ALL Breeds.
Need a Dog Training Solution? We are Qualified Professional Dog Trainers.
Dog Training that works with No Gimmicks!

Dog Training Brisbane

About The K9 Centre Dog Training Company

Who are the K9 Centre?

The K9 Centre is a family owned and run dog training business that is owned and run by Martin and Julie Dominick.
Martin has been involved in the dog industry for over 33 years and is experienced and certified in Specialist Working Dog training and Dog Problem Solving.

The K9 Centre Dog Trainers use the unique K9 CalmSmart (TM) Method which provides a training pathway that caters for all behavioural issues and is proudly recommended by vets. This system was developed by Martin Dominick and is training with out stress.

Why choose us

We are Certified, Insured, Professional, experienced dog trainers

  • Locally and family owned business
  • Modern & balanced dog training for all dogs and all needs
  • We love what we do and there are no gimmicks
  • Friendly & helpful support team
  • Online support videos

The K9 Centre

The K9 Centre Certified Trainers will get results. Results that are client focused.
As full time professionals our mission is to provide a service to our clients that makes sense to them while using realistic proven techniques. As a dog training company we will invest the time in making sure you and your dog get the best possible outcome and service with minimal stress.
Our background in the dog industry is diverse covering both pet dog training and specialist military working dog training services nationally and internationally. Call us and have a chat to one of our experienced dog trainers today!
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Dog & Puppy Training for ALL Dogs, ALL Breeds and ALL Needs

Need a dog training solution? We are Qualified Professional Dog Trainers – Training that works!

The K9 Centre offers dog training, puppy training and behaviour consulting that focuses on your dog and you the owner. We train your dog and show you how to maintain your dogs training using “The K9 Smart Dog Training” techniques – so you and your canine friend can truly understand one another.


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