Martin Dominick Your Dog Training Consultant and K9 Behaviour Specialist Trainer

Martin Dominick is Australia’s most diverse and experienced dog trainer with over 35 years verifiable experience, both academically and in a hands on situation. Martin Dominick Dubbed Australia’s Dog Whisperer and believes that you are always learning and today is studying and teaching to other dog trainers.

Martin Dominick is the training facilitator, Owner of The K9 Centre and  MD’s Online Dog Training. His passion is working with motivated dog owners to help them achieve fantastic results with their dogs with All behavioural problems with aggression being his specialty.

As Head Trainer and owner of The K9 Centre – a training partner of MD’s ODT he has the experience and knowledge to adapt a number of effective training techniques to a suit you and your dogs requirements.

Here at The K9 Centre our Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy programs really do work, are practical and you will see results. Martin Dominick who is a certified, highly experienced, sort after dog trainer nationally and internationally has handled many (all) different breeds, problems and has worked in all environments and cultures with dogs and dog teams. This means he has gained valuable and creditable working experience along with his academic accreditation which has verifiably spanned over 30 years and still continues.


Expert in Dog Training and Behaviour