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Dog Training for our Rottweiler Izak!

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dog training for our Rottweiler Izak

I just want to say a big thank you to our trainer at  the Brisbane South trainer for the K9 Training Centre. I contacted The K9 Centre l as a last resort for our Rottweiler, Izak. We had tried another trainer from a different company however it just seemed to make Izak more uncontrollable. K9 quickly booked us in for the Home Smart lessons as we were at a total loss in regards to how to handle Izak. I would recommend the K9 Centre to absolutely anyone simply because of the almost immediate change in our dogs’ behaviour. The K9 Centre  taught me that losing my temper and getting frustrated was doing nothing more than upsetting the dog and wouldn’t get us anywhere. During my training lessons we learn’t how to make it known to Izak exactly what we wanted him to do rather than confusing him like we were. Now he sits, drops, comes and stays as well as obeying the ‘leave’ command like a pro and is almost ready for the next level of training. He also no longer lets the cat distract him or stir him up and that was a big issue for us. Their trainers are always available via phone or email if we get stuck or are having problems with any of Izak’s training and they really take the time to make sure we understand how to go about fixing what we may be doing wrong. We were always against crate training until they explained the benefits so gave it a try as well now Izak can be put outside and doesn’t dig up the yard because he knows he can go in his crate and relax, he quite often walks in and closes his door behind himself!

Warm regards
Tanya, John & Izak

Tanya and John

Brisbane South Side, Queensland


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