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The K9 BoardSmart is a Dog Training program where your dog stays in our trainers home and lives with us and by our rules and is tailored to suit you and your dogs training needs. It is a dog training program that focuses on behaviour modification within the household that is relevant to the lifestyle of the client…. You. It is one of the suite of K9 Smart programs that have been especially designed and formatted by The K9 Centre’s founder, Martin Dominick.
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K9 BoardSmart – Dog Boarding and Training Programs

Are you going on holidays or just need a break from your naughty dog? Our K9 BoardSmart Live In Dog Training program falls under our boarding banner.

Under our behavioural training program you leave your dog with us and let us train it to be a friendly, sociably accepted member of your family. Your dog stays in our trainers home as part of their family and is treat as such.

We spend time with you at the end of the program to show you how to handle your newly trained four legged friend and offer a full support program relevant to the training your dog has received. If you are going away on a holiday, your dog has some behaviour issues and you need to board your dog, the K9 BoardSmart Training program is an excellent way to maximise your dogs time in the kennel because of the daily stimulus provided by our training program. It is perfect for people that don’t necessarily have the time to attend private training or group classes but still want a well-behaved and controlled dog in public and around the home.

Our Training Program includes:

  • Basic Dog Psychology
  • Socialisation Exercises
  • Bite Control (If needed)
  • Pre-Command Exercises
  • Any Problem related exercise ( this will be carried out as per request)

Our K9 BoardSmart dog training program runs over a specified period (minimum 10 days) but we are able to keep your dog for longer periods if required.


Christmas and Easter periods are usually booked out 3 months in advance

What happens during a K9 BoardSmart™ Program?Your K9 BoardSmart™ Dog Training Program will run for a minimum of 10 days and is conducted in our home. We conduct a full behaviour assessment with you and then we work with your dog to start the process of learning. During this time we will train in the exercises to do each day that are designed to change the behaviour of your dog step by step. This ensures long term change not a quick fix gimmicky answer. Between lessons you will be supported via email and phone when you need it. Our goal is to make you the best owner possible for your dog so your relationship with it becomes an enjoyable one. After all it is your dog and you are responsible for it. We want to empower you to be a good owner that understands what it takes to have effective control over your dog.

Involvement For the whole family.

A dog is a part of your whole family so we encourage you involve all members especially your children in our lessons. Our programs teach you about dogs,dog communication, leadership, safety, basic training and especially child and dog safety,  plus we can troubleshooting any unwanted behaviours.

Dog Training you can trust, with no stress!

Some of the Problems we can cover

  • Calming and handling techniques
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Come
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Calming and handling techniques

These training techniques will help curb common ‘unwanted’  behaviours such as:

  • Toileting
  • Winging
  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Hyper-activity
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Escaping
  • General Destruction e.g. digging, chewing, stealing


Simply call us at The K9 Centre  on 1300 CALL K9 (2255 59) and leave you details and your local trainer will talk to  you to discuss your training requirements. Maybe all can be fixed with a single phone call, You will be surprised
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Boarding and Training Premises

  • This is an in our home boarding program. YES your dog stays in our home!
  • 24 hr on Vet On Call
  • Secured Video monitored premises 24 hours a day
  • Your dog is considered part of our family for the entire training period
  • Hygiene and cleanliness a priority
  • PLAYTIME a must (cost no extra)
  • Quality dog food Biscuits and Fresh Meat (cost no extra)
  • Unfortunately we do not do boarding only.

Pick-up Transfer Service:

Our friendly team at The K9 Centre offer a door-to-door service for pick-up and return of your best friend.

Simply contact us for more information about this service

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Our trainers deal with any dog related problem including:

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