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Dog Training FAQS

We have many dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend!

There are so many dog training companies, why should we choose your services?

  • We challenge owners to think differently about their dog.
  • We remove any stress and frustration with having a dog and going through one of our dog training programs.
  • We focus the training on you, the owner — the human in the equation. We want you to understand what methods work, what doesn’t (and why) and help you build a relationship with your dog based on mutual understanding and communication.
  • Our Company has been training dogs for over to thirty years, we know that, that in itself, means nothing if the trainer has only limited exposure to one type of dog training during that time, but we are constantly assessing our business and how our training as a professional business fits into the everyday life of you and your
  • We have extensive experience training many dogs for a wide client base all over the globe.
  • We take our dog training profession serious and treat each dog and owner with compassion and individuality, meaning that our training methods are adaptive and relevant.
  • We have the intelligence and experience to teach you the client the correct way to handle your dog with ease, allowing you to get the most from your training.

Do You Guarantee Results?

We guarantee you will see results and positive changes in your dog, even within the first lesson . We will teach you how to better communicate with your dog, and quickly and effectively help you reach your dog lifestyle balance so your problems disappear. Ultimately, once you are by yourself just you and your dog it is up to you to track progress and practice for even better life long outcomes. We will promise you that—if you stick to our training regimen and make sure that everyone in your household is consistent—you will see life long changes in your dog’s behavior.

If after either we train your dog in a boarding and training situation or a private lesson and you are  ecstatic about the results AND you go home and put your dog in the backyard and ignore them, things will revert back to exactly the way they where before training as you are an integral part of your dogs life.

IN SHORT: You will see results in your first lesson! Guaranteed. The results will compound and improve in subsequent lessons but just like Piano lessons you will only see continuing results if you keep working with what you and your dog have been taught. If you don’t continue with your commitment to your dog it will ultimately be a waste of your time and money.

How long does it take to train my dog?

Training a dog is NOT a one lesson session it takes time and commitment but with the correct instruction for your dog there will be less time spent in frustration. You will see results in your first lesson – Yes that is true, but you must apply the new techniques shown to you to really change your dog’s behaviour for the long term.

Do you recommend dog training equipment?

All of our K9 Smart™ Programs start with a simple flat collar and lead. Amazing results can be achieved with just this equipment. However if we feel that certain equipment will improve, ethically speed up the  are conducted with a flat comfortable collar and lead you will be amazed at the results and the ease of our training. It actually works!

How do you determine which dog training method you use on my dog?

There are many “methods” and your dog training needs will depend on you and your dog, its problem or problems. We do not handle an aggressive dog the same way you would handle a dog with an escaping problem. What we do works! The main point is we will deal with it, quickly, effectively and in a manner that eases your frustrations not create new ones. Our unique style of training The K9 CalmSmart “method” as been developed over 30 years of dog training and is not based on any ‘one method’ As each dog is an individual their training should be structured to suit the individual dog.

What exactly do you do?

We provide guidance through one of our K9 Smart Programs that allows you to become the dog owner your dog needs you to be. The responsibility for your dog’s behaviour lies with you. Our role is to provide you with the right training techniques and support. We are qualified and experienced and take our dog training and our customers experience seriously. If we have a problem in the program we will work with you to find the solution. We assess each dogs problem or training requirement individually. 

When should we start training ?

Right away, the sooner the better. Bad habits don’t  get  chance to become ingrained behaviours. You can start your education as a dog owner learning what is right and what is wrong with your dog and dogs in general.
Training a younger puppy is easier; habits (good and bad) can be formed in as little as 2-3 weeks. As soon as you walk in the door with a new dog or puppy, whether you know it or not, training has already begun. So the sooner you start teaching your dog – the better!

What is K9 PuppySmart?

K9 PuppySmart is a lesson or lessons that are conducted by one of our trainers. These lessons are conducted in your home or a safe place where one of our trainers will go through all things puppies. Its a great start to a new relationship.

What is K9 HomeSmart Training?

We start off with by visiting you in your home and we will sit and discuss your concerns with your dog and and talk about your solutions. We do the lessons in your home or a place of your choice. The first lesson is very in-depth and when we visit you we cover all concerns and discuss with you your training options. With our program we are able to fix all dog problems and prevent new ones from appearing. Effective, realistic and focused Training. However every program is individually tailored to you and your dog.

How many visits does it take ?

Typically an In Home client will see us 2-3 times tops! In the initial In-Home Visit we’ll create a unique training plan and cover your training solutions you need. We recommend at least one Follow-Up Visit to make sure you and your family follow through with the training. If you have more specialised training goals then more or ongoing visits are recommended and can be discussed with your trainer.

I am looking at your BoardSmart Boarding and Training program, but I am going away for three weeks?

Our boarding and training programs run for initially 10 days. If you are going away we can extend your boarding for 21 days, or longer if required. Flexibility is an unwritten rule by smart trainers, when it comes to training dogs.


Can I pick up or drop off my dog after hours?

All dogs staying with us must be in or out during specified business hours, although we are not a kennel we still are bound by certain noise restrictions rules. As a private residence we also have a family life (that your dog is included in) AND we do, like you enjoy our time off and after hours.

Can we bring the dogs toys, bedding and food?

We do supply all bedding food and toys, but if you wish you can bring your own dog’s toys, bedding or special food.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Helen Carter
German Shepherd Owner
Read More
"We are using Skype to retrain our very strong German Shepherd, Wesley. He has attended three dog training schools in NSW without success. Since working with Martin via Skype and Videos it is amazing how much we have been able to correct and change his behaviour in two weeks. If you cant get there in person I recommend the skype sessions. Will be continuing to follow our training regime."
Elmer Cepeda
Elmer CepedaDirector SAS K9
Read More
We are based overseas and yet we can easily contact K9 Centre everytime we need their services and products. Keep up the excellent and professional approach Martin and K9 Centre
Scotty Sutter
Scotty SutterAggressive Labrador Owner
Read More
"After ringing a few other places no-one would train myself and my dog. A Labrador with aggression. Thank you Martin you are the most knowledgeable dog trainer I know. You were recommended by another trainer but the drive was worth every minute! Thanks.".
Kaiya Chen
Kaiya Chen
Kodas Owner
Read More
Anyone who’s met our boy Koda knows that he’s a handful! Koda is a cheeky GSD, and he had terrible manners, clearly thought being disobedient was a great game, and unfortunately became aggressive towards dogs after he was bitten as a puppy. More Here
Miriam Grace
Miriam Grace
Dog Owner
Read More
“Yep didn't think it would work! How could we do it online but ..... SUCCESS!”
Helen Carter
German Shepherd Wesley
Read More
WOW Uncontrollable Dog Dog owner who had a previous trainer. We are using Skype to retrain our very strong German Shepherd, Wesley. He has attended three dog training schools in NSW without success. Since working with Martin via Skype and Videos it is amazing how much we have been able to correct and change his behaviour in two weeks. If you cant get there in person I recommend the skype sessions. Will be continuing to follow our training regime.
Nick Coleman
Read More
We contacted K9 Centre for a behavioural assessment after the council unfairly declared our dog menacing due to an incident where she grabbed (and let go of) a neighbourhood chicken. Through conversation and viewing our dogs behaviour in several situations, Martin was able to give a detailed review and promptly provided an official report. We found his assessment to be very insightful and allowed us to better understand our dogs behaviour and drive. As a result of Martin’s assessment, the council reversed their decision. Martin’s service is absolutely outstanding - he’s incredibly knowledgeable and easily able to translate this. His service is professional yet friendly and very efficient.
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