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Dog Training Behaviour & Obedience Lessons

MANY dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend!

Dog Training with Our K9 CalmSmart and PuppySmart Programs

Qualified Professional Dog Trainers.
No Hype, No Gimmicks, Just Honest Results and Outcomes.

Dog TRAINING - In Home Dog Training

Dog Training with K9 CalmSmart Programs.                   

A K9 Calm Smart program is a dog training service tailored to suit your goals and your dog’s behavioural needs. It focuses on behaviour modification within the household, relevant to your lifestyle. Designed and formatted by The K9 Centre’s founder, Martin Dominick.

There are no gimmicks just dog training that works.              

Your enjoyment of your dog will massively improve which in turn positively affects the family relationship dynamic because we are removing a major cause of stress caused by our dog’s undesirable behaviour.     

Calm, controlled and predictable dog behaviour is the result. 

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In Home Dog Behaviour Training Brisbane

For All of your Puppy & Dog Training Needs
  Call the K9 Centre on 1300 225 559

About Our Dog Training

Dog Training you can trust, with no stress!
The K9 Smart You Visit Us or our In-Home Program is  interactive dog training  allowing you, your family and your dog to train in a safe, calm and positive environment, with Us or in YOUR HOME.

What happens during a K9 Smart™ Program?

Your K9 Smart™ Lesson

  1. Phone call with you to get a basic understanding of what your goals are with your dog.
  2. We meet with you  and conduct a full behaviour assessment. At your lesson we work with you and your dog to start the process of learning.
  3. During that lesson we will give you exercises to do each day that are designed to change the behaviour of your dog step by step. This ensures long term change not a quick fix gimmicky answer.
  4. Between lessons you will be supported via email and phone when you need it. ( If you need any answers please contact us )

Our goal is to make you the best owner possible for your dog so your relationship with it becomes an enjoyable one. After all it’s your dog and you are responsible for it.

By empowering you to be a good owner your dog will become well behaved and enjoyable.

Involvement For the whole family.


Your dog is a part of your family so we encourage you to involve all members in the training program.

Our programs teach you about dogs, dog communication, canine leadership, basic training and dog safety,  plus we can focus on troubleshoot any unwanted behaviours.

Dog Training you can trust, with no stress!

Interactive dog training   allowing you and your dog to train in a safe, calm and positive environment.

What is the K9 Smart Program?


A K9 Smart Program is essentially a program of training that focuses on the problems happening with your dog now. Tailored to suit you and your dogs training needs, it hones in the undesirable behaviour so your dogs learns appropriate responses and behaviours.


Calm dog – Calm owner.


If you have a dog that you feel needs a bit of personal coaching, our K9 Smart™ Programs are the answer.

What is the best age to start your K9 Smart Program?

It is best to start training your dog when it is a pup, but if you are rescuing a dog or just getting an older dog then start the training as soon as you bring them home. Arrange a chat with one of our trainers to ensure you have a smooth transition with your dog from either the breeder or shelter.

How many lessons do I need?

Our K9 Smart programs consist of either a visit to us or an in home visit with lots of support to suit  your lifestyle and your puppy or older dog and to get results. Your program content is discussed at your initial consultation.

We do lessons from Monday to Saturday again either You visit us and train or we visit you in home. Check your nearest trainer as their hours may vary.

Is your dog older than 20 weeks?

Our trainers can offer ongoing training if you choose a working path for your canine, or simply come across new behavioural problems as your pup/dog gets older, please make an inquiry and we can advise you of what’s available for older dogs


In Home training includes:

  • Calming and handling techniques
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Come
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Calming and handling techniques

These training techniques will help curb common ‘unwanted’  behaviours such as:

  • Toileting
  • Whinging
  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Hyper-activity
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Escaping
  • General Destruction e.g. digging, chewing, stealing.

How do I organise for a K9 Smart Programs Certified Trainer to visit me?

Simply call us at The K9 Centre  on 1300 CALL K9 (2255 59) and leave your details. A trainer will return talk to  you to discuss your training requirements.

Maybe all can be fixed with a single phone call, You might be surprised.
Call 1300 225 559

Because Dog Don't Come With Instructions Dog Trainers Australia

K9 CalmSmart Dog Training

Personal Consult with our Dog Trainers
from: $220
- You Visit Us
  • For owners with dogs that need a bit of help From $220
From $220

Dog Training Problems that we can work on:



Dog Behaviour Problems

Yes we take in new puppies as well

Dog Training Brisbane, All Suburbs. Your Specialist Professional Dog Trainers Queensland.

Call 1300 225 559 - +61 411 530 861

Payments for dog training accepted at the K9 Centre Brisbane Australia

If unanswered, Please leave a message and a Trainer will return call

Testimonials & Reviews

Elmer CepedaDirector SAS K9
Read More
We are based overseas and yet we can easily contact K9 Centre everytime we need their services and products. Keep up the excellent and professional approach Martin and K9 Centre
Scotty Sutter
Aggressive Labrador Owner
Read More
"After ringing a few other places no-one would train myself and my dog. A Labrador with aggression. Thank you Martin you are the most knowledgeable dog trainer I know. You were recommended by another trainer but the drive was worth every minute! Thanks.".
Kaiya Chen
Kodas Owner
Read More
Anyone who’s met our boy Koda knows that he’s a handful! Koda is a cheeky GSD, and he had terrible manners, clearly thought being disobedient was a great game, and unfortunately became aggressive towards dogs after he was bitten as a puppy. More Here
Miriam Grace
Dog Owner
Read More
“Yep didn't think it would work! How could we do it online but ..... SUCCESS!”
Helen Carter
German Shepherd Wesley
Read More
WOW Uncontrollable Dog Dog owner who had a previous trainer. We are using Skype to retrain our very strong German Shepherd, Wesley. He has attended three dog training schools in NSW without success. Since working with Martin via Skype and Videos it is amazing how much we have been able to correct and change his behaviour in two weeks. If you cant get there in person I recommend the skype sessions. Will be continuing to follow our training regime.
Nick Coleman
Read More
We contacted K9 Centre for a behavioural assessment after the council unfairly declared our dog menacing due to an incident where she grabbed (and let go of) a neighbourhood chicken. Through conversation and viewing our dogs behaviour in several situations, Martin was able to give a detailed review and promptly provided an official report. We found his assessment to be very insightful and allowed us to better understand our dogs behaviour and drive. As a result of Martin’s assessment, the council reversed their decision. Martin’s service is absolutely outstanding - he’s incredibly knowledgeable and easily able to translate this. His service is professional yet friendly and very efficient.
Scott Brooks
Toowoomba Queensland
Read More
raining My German Shepherd THANKYOU to the K9 Centre Toowoomba for training my 3-year-old German Shepherd named Jazz using their K9 Board Smart Training Program. Since we have had Jazz back, he has been a lot calmer in himself and more controllable. We have also noticed that he listens a lot better and obeys commands a than he had in the past. Not only did the K9 Centre Toowoomba train Jazz but also explained the K9 CalmSmart techniques which in turn helped my instruction over my dog to be a lot clearer and understandable in what I was doing. Jazz did have a lot of aggression issues before The K9 Centre Toowoomba worked with him, now we can do a lot more with the Jazz due to the time and development that he received from the training he received and would recommend The K9 Centre to anyone wanting training for their dog in the Toowoomba, Darling Downs area. I am sure that I will be taking more dogs to The K9 Centre in the future. Regards Scott Brookes Toowoomba, Queensland
Ken and Cath
Strathpine QLD
Read More
We can’t thank The K9 Centre Dog Trainers enough for helping us with our dog Phoebe. Prior to training, we couldn’t walk Phoebe on a lead as she pulled too hard. K9 provided us with techniques and methods on how to train with Phoebe, answering our questions and providing direction. After just 2 lessons, it is a pleasure to walk Phoebe on a lead, in fact we don’t even notice she is on the lead. Phoebe also had issues with other dogs, and after a few lessons we have better control of Phoebe when out near other dogs. It is now a highlight of our day to leave home with Phoebe.
Jan Murray
Sunshine Coast QLD
Read More
Thanks guys for the invaluable advice. I cant thankyou enough.
Hannah Twist
Sunshine Coast QLD
Read More
Bear is a 11 month old German Shepherd who is very clever and full of life. I was finding him very hard to train and to get to behave on command. After spending a little bit of time researching ways to train my dog I came across the K9 Centre Australia website and found the Boardsmart Program where I could board my dog and have him trained at the same time. Thank you very much I am very appreciative of you.
Barb McDonald
Sunshine Coast QLD
Read More
Just an update on how we are going. Maisy is fantastic! She really is a changed dog. Yesterday we had a break through with the postman, for the first time she never barked or even got off her bed. She sits and stays without the lead and is generally a calmer dog all round. It was a pleasure yesterday to go out in the garden without her trying to attach everything – she just greeted me as I came out and sat there until I asked her to come. Thanks again. Warm regards from a happy dog owner. Barb McDonald
Dave Gillian
Sunshine Coast QLD
Read More
“I'm a big fan of the K9 Centre’s service - brilliant instruction and idiot proof!" Dave Gillian Sunshine Coast, Australia K9 Home Smart Lesson
Maree and Nev
Redcliffe, Queensland
Read More
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was very hesitant as you were my third attempt to hire a Dog Trainer to fix my problems with Zeus. I was given your name as referral and haven’t looked back. Again, Thankyou what Nev and I have achieved is amazing
Rebecca and Tim
Kenmore, Queensland
Read More
We would just like to say thank you so much for all your help and support with Cleo. As you know we got Cleo from the rspca at nine months old. She had major anxiety issues which stopped her eating and she destroyed the house when I left her. The vet suggested putting her on medication to calm her down but fortunately I listen to you and avoided that route. I followed your advice and within just over a week she is a lot calmer and crate trained. What I love is the fact you are always on the other end of the phone if things are getting hard. Still working with her and I am looking forward to moving onto obedience classes with you in a month. Thanks again. Rebecca and Tim Kenmore.
Robyn and Wayne
Gold Coast, Queensland
Read More
To the Lovely K9 Centre! Thanks so much for helping me with my dog's ( Nancy ) problems. I was at my wit's end, and in desperation, went searching on the internet one afternoon and came across your site. I saw it was a Brisbane company so thought I would give you a call. After talking with you on the phone,at length, about Nancy's various problems, we decided to go ahead with your programme. Within minutes of you taking control of Nancy, only using the calming technique, she was a calm dog. Wayne and I were totally amazed! She has become a different dog with the simple techniques that you have taught us. All of our friends and relatives are commenting on the difference already. It has also given me the confidence to tackle all of her many problems with hope,that sometime soon, we will have a beautiful dog. I highly recommend this company, for helping anyone with Dog behavioural problems.
Amy Moore
Brisbane, Queensland
Read More
Gypsy has improved out of sight since my decision to contact the K9 Centre for her. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Thank you so much for your training expertise and knowing that I can call at any time in between sessions if I am unsure how to handle a situation.
Lena & Colin Reay
Sydney NSW Australia
Read More
Another happy client!. Max loves to walk and run REAL fast, out front leading his pack. After one short lead training session, Max caught on pretty well to what a loose lead meant...fantastic results! Lena & Colin
Buderim Sunshine Coast Queensland
Read More
Hi, My name is Tania and I am the owner of two Rottweilers, Jake who is now 10 years old and Diego who is 18 months old. I have been training with the K9 Centre since February 2004. I found the services of the K9 Centre through the internet and was quiet impresses with what he had to say when I got in touch with them about training Diego. Jake has had some professional training before and I was interested in trying a different method, it seems that Jake is being re-educated in a sense and he is responding well to The K9 Centres way of dog training. Since Diego has started training we have gone from doing a full range of obedience to protection work and now we are working on tracking, Diego has a long way to go and I have all intentions of staying with the K9 Centre Although I have a small amount of experience in training dogs, The Trainers at the K9 Centre have shown me a whole new path to ways of training my dogs and I am extremely pleased with the results. It is quiet pleasing to find a dog trainer that does not use food as the only way to train dogs
Danielle and James Moss
Brisbane, Queensland
Read More
I have never had a dog before and The K9 Centre has helped us to start our life with Rocky on the right foot. They have given us the skills and confidence to help shape Rocky into the kind of dog we would like him to be. They Have been very hands on, helpful and professional 10/10. Would highly recommend.
Alison McNamara,
Brisbane, Queensland
Read More
The trainers from the K9 Centre were extremely professional and knew exactly what they were talking about. They showed great interest in my dog and helping me learn more. Thank you sooo much....Buddy and I both learnt a lot!  I would recommend their services.
Karen Peach
Caringbah, Sydney NSW
Read More
“I can't thank you enough for what you've taught me.I would recommend you to any one who needs good training..thankyou” And also: “Loved our training session again today,you really are transforming my dogs.I would happily recommend you to anyone
Christian & Aimee
Queensland , Australia
Read More
The K9 Centre has been fantastic in assisting us with improving our dog’s behavioural issues. From our first meeting, our trainer was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about reducing separation anxiety in our 4-year-old cocker spaniel. We started with the basics such as sit and stay through to crate training which has really helped ease the intense separation anxiety our dog had been suffering. We meet our trainer every second week to learn new skills and improve our dog’s behaviour. At each meeting they provided us with techniques and encouragement to take back control. I have no hesitation in recommending The K9 Centre for all your dog training needs; they never caused our dog any distress and was always available to chat on the phone if we had any questions. I had issues with other trainers that we had used and their methods; however our trainer made us feel very comfortable about the way they treated our dog and the techniques that they used.
Nesha and Tim
Queensland , Australia
Read More
We just wanted to say thank you again for the massive improvement in Tash's obedience after spending 10 days with you; and of course, the extra time you spent with us teaching us how to continue on with both Tash and Bob. Tash no longer jumps up whenever she sees us, she no longer jumps on my car when I come home, she has gone from a hyperactive attention seeking nuisance (who we did still love) to a calm, attentive 1-year old German Shepherd who is a pleasure to be around. It is now also no longer a chore to take both Bob and Tash for walks, they both heel nicely on the lead instead of trying to have play fights with each other, pulling and tugging and being very annoying. We really appreciate the time and effort you put in with both of them! Thanks again, Nesha and Charles