Qualified, Professional In Home Dog Training
The K9 Centre offers tailored K9 Calm Smart in home dog training programs

Step 1.

Call Us and we will start a no obligation introductory phone call to discuss any problems you are having with your dog or your new puppy. We will book a time to come and train with you  or email you appointment options. This is one of three included lessons in the K9 Smart Program.

Step 2.

Once booked into a time our trainer will come out to your home, and conduct your initial one on one K9 Smart lesson with you and your dog and ( if you like your entire family). Here we start to teach you the K9 Calm Smart method of training. No Gimmicks just honest training results and answers.

Step 3.

Practice makes perfect … Yep its an old saying but true. Although in your initial lesson you would have learned a lot and yes you will see changes we will go over some of this again and any new problems that arrive. We are always an email away, or contact us in our online training portal.

Step 4.

If you require further consultations we will come back, we do guarantee you will see results. Call or Email us at any time if you feel you are not managing our training program we are her to help.

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