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We don’t say the above statement to brag. We want you to be sure that we have the necessary business acumen and background to help you on your business journey. This is based on proven systems we use to establish industry-leading practices in relation to dog training and canine behavioural management to professional working dog training.


If you are an independent confident person, are great with people and confident in a crowd, have the motivation and drive to be your own boss, and want to learn from the dog training industry leaders then give us a call to learn more about The K9 Centre Franchise Opportunities. This is the ideal dog training business for people who love the thought of working with dogs and have an enthusiastic and passionate approach to owning their own business. You will be part of a team that has a strong support structure. 
Here at “The K9 Centre”, we understand that your success is our success. Our primary goal is to help our trainers with a successful dog training business. You will enjoy the support of the industry’s most thoroughly researched and proven systems for operations, marketing, finance and overall business management.

When it comes to training, and running a dog training business we have experienced the massive highs and sometimes heartbreaking lows that come with this industry.

My name is Martin Dominick and for 33 years I have been involved full time, dedicated my professional career to dog training and handling and to delivering specialist dog related services to both our international client base and our exciting domestic business.

We have had some pitfalls along the way but mostly we have had success in business and we are here to share this with you. Not only should you be great at what you do but you should be proficient and effective in your practice of it. 


To successfully deliver the right message to your customers you have to have the right training. I am proud of the verifiable reputation I have gained during my time in the as a professional in the the dog training world. I can teach you  how to train dogs for your client’s and develop a successful business doing so.

I look forward to being part of that journey with you.


Head Trainer and Owner

Frequently asked questions

Franchising – Good or Bad

So what is it about Franchising that can be so devisive? Why do people think that a dog training franchise cannot deliver an ethical and effective service to clients?
The question I’m sometimes asked by potential clients is, something along the lines of  “What experience does the franchisee have? How can they understand dogs and how to solve problems if they have only been a franchisee for a short period of time and have no former experience?”
That question shows that the person asking the question does not have a full understanding of the franchise business model. Franchising is a way of doing business that has a stringent accountability structure attached to it.
The idea of a franchise is to replicate the business the franchisor has been delivering successfully. If the franchisor can develop a set of systems that ensure the franchisee can deliver a service that is effective, ie: provides a solution, what does it matter how long the person providing the service has been a franchisee?
Franchise systems are exactly why people keep going to places like Subway or McDonalds or they use Jims Mowing etc. They know what they are going to get. They trust the system. The next question we get is “Yeah but that’s just mowing a lawn or making a hamburger what about when it comes to my dog having massive aggression problems? The answer is the same. The Franchisees have been fully trained in Dog Psychology and Behaviour Management. They then apply that knowledge to our proven systems and then deliver to the client a very effective training solution.
The key to a good dog training franchise business model is how robust and proven the system of service delivery is. The franchisee, recruited by the franchisor to be a capable representative of the company, is a conduit of the franchisor’s experience and business know how. They simply need to follow a pathway of service delivery/ training, that is shown to them when they go through the franchisee training stage.
However, at the end of the day, it is neither here nor there what the business model is. In the end, the true measure of a professional dog trainer is whether or not they can help the client with their dog related problems or requirements, franchise or not.
When I see dog trainers “bagging out” the franchise model that tells me that they are both lacking knowledge in how a good franchise system works and, maybe, in my opinion, don’t have the capital or motivation to fully develop their business into a franchise system and business model, so choose to shine a negative light on it to cover their shortcomings.

This is a simple answer. Because of demand. The business has grown beyond its roots. Although we have been delivering specialist dog training services internationally for years, at a domestic level, the number of enquiries we received from interstate had become a frustration as we could not facilitate a solution to those dog owners. Franchising as a business model was chosen because of the level of mandatory accountability required now between Franchisors and franchisees. It makes everyone involved- ‘do the right thing’.

If you can see yourself as a professional dog trainer then the first step is to complete our Expression of Interest Form. You will then receive an email with more information to complete your application.

Have you always wanted to the great dog trainer, and want to know more about dog training than just the basics?

Dog Trainer Martin Dominick, Brisbane Queensland Australia
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Your Dog Stays and Trains with the trainer.

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