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The K9 Centre is an industry leader in the supply of trained canines for either protection or detection. We have a commitment to you and to our canines which will see all trained dogs go through one of our canine development programs.
Our proven approach to specialist canine training ensures that we are able to deliver what our clients demand, whether that be an obedience family trained dog, a Detection trained dog or a specialised Police patrol dog.
The K9 Centre has been responsible for providing trained canines to families as family protection dogs and obedient family members to a whole team of trained dogs for a high level Presidential Security detail. We pride ourselves on finding the right dogs for the right job and to to understand your needs and wants. All of our supplied trained dogs are fully checked medically, vaccinated, micro-chipped and trained to the highest standard in that discipline.
Our Dog Training Company is not a security service, we are only a “Dog Training and Supply Service”.


WHY Choose “The K9 Centre”

We have the experience and expertise to train and supply working service dogs to any government and private sectors. We DO NOT SUPPLY or source green dogs. (a green dog would be a dog showing good working attributes, good nerves and drives etc for this type of work) our dogs are trained to a high standard and trained by an Australian Government Certified Police Dog Trainer with over 30 years verifiable experience.

We supply only top quality working dogs with the desired traits and drives for these lines of work. The K9 Centre also offers onsite professional courses in the fields of detection and police dog training. Please get in touch to find out and have a chat about your requirements.

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