Bear is a 11 month old German Shepherd who is very clever and full of life. I was finding him very hard to train and to get to behave on command. After spending a little bit of time researching ways to train my dog I came across the K9 Centre Australia website and found the Boardsmart Program where I could board my dog and have him trained at the same time.

Bear is the usual German Shepherd puppy, full of life and always wanting to play. He was a nightmare to take for a walk because he would pull on the lead the entire way and when another dog came past he would bark and bark until it was out of his sight. Im not a big girl and was afraid to take him for a walk incase he saw something and decided to take off. Bear is close to 45kg and with me not much heavier than him I was afraid of being pulled over.

That wasn’t all of Bear’s problems, he would also jump up on people when they first went out to see him. In the end friends and family would not go outside to say hello because they didn’t want to get balled over.

After getting in contact with the K9 Centre  Gold Coast I decided that it would be a good idea to send Bear to him to get some help. I recently went away for work and decided that the best thing for me to do with Bear was to send him to The K9 Centre to have him boarded and trained at the same time.

After having Bear with The K9 Centre for 10 days I returned to pick him up and saw a completely different dog. I was amazed with the work they had done to calm Bear. The K9 Centre Trainers spent a few hours with me before I took Bear home and went through all of the training he had done and ways for me to continue the training at home to make sure Bear would continue to develop. K9 also informed me that if I had any problems or concerns I could give him a call or an email and he would help me out so that my pup would remain on track.

I have had Bear home for a little bit now and I as well as friends and family can see the change in him. He is still a very energetic dog with lots of life but will sit, drop and stay as well as be corrected with verbal commands. Bear will also walk on the lead at heel without tugging an pulling and is corrected with the ‘AHHH’ command if he starts to pull. It is still a work in progress with Bear but with help I’m sure I’m well on my way to having a well behaved dog.

I would recommend the K9 Centre to anyone who has trouble training their dog. The methods they use are brilliant and safe and work as I can see from experience with Bear.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all. You have done such wonderful work with my pup and I hope I do you proud by not slipping up and continuing to progress with my dog.

Thank you very much I am very appreciative of you.

Hannah Twist
Gold Coast