Training My Dog Charlie!

I’ve just recently moved to the Gold Coast and given it is such a lovely area to go dog walking, I started walking my dogs.
The reason I didn’t walk my dogs often previously was because I would get frustrated and angry with my Moodle named Charlie because he would pull on the lead and get very excited and not do what I wanted him to do.
I decided to find someone to help me walk Charlie properly because I knew it was unhealthy to get angry at him all the time. Luckily my vet recommended Byron at K9 dog training.
From the very first lesson with Byron, I immediately realized that I was not training my dog properly and that’s why I was not getting the results I wanted. I was so relieved to finally find that I can walk Charlie and enjoy it at the same time.
I also loved the fact that if I ever have a problem with my dogs I can call Byron and he is happy to give me advice.
I can’t Believe how quickly and easily my relationship with my dog went from frustrated and angry to loving and proud. Byron is a fantastic trainer and I strongly recommend you see him if you’re having any problems at all with your dogs.

Leisa Nichols
Finding Bliss in the moment
0410 *** 734

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