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Frank and Mia – K9 HomeSmart Dog Training

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Frank the Bull mastiff and mia the Siberian Husky in for dog training with the k9 centre Brisbane

Brett and I have just finished Our K9 HomeSmart Training Program with the K9 Centre and have been thoroughly satisfied with the results we have had with our 2 puppies – Frank (Bull Mastiff) and Mia (Siberian Husky).

Since both breeds are very different and adapted to the training differently, it was important for us that our puppies had that one on one attention in their training. This was exactly what we got from The K9 Centre. Not only did their methods work but we were surprised with the speed at which our puppies learnt. Our trainer was kind, courteous and we could tell from the moment we met him that he was a true dog lover. He not only gave our puppies valuable and important training but always asked us about their diets and behavior too. The knowledge you get from him covers everything from fixing any bad habits the dogs have, to ways for us humans to cope with any issues we were experiencing. If we ever had any questions or anything, our trainer was always available for the answers.
They say huskies are hard to control as although they are very attentive and willful, they are also very independent and you have to earn their respect. Well all the methods worked from day one with Mia and she learn’t so quickly with little trouble. Frank had different issues being so large and a bit stubborn, so it took him a little longer. But still the same methods were applied to him as were applied to
Maia and worked very well. Now, our puppies are still works in progress and have lots to learn, but we feel this training has given us solid, reliable and safe methods that will be reinforced and strengthened as they grow into dogs. Both puppies have learned the basic commands all without the “treat” method (which is a common way you get taught from most puppy schools). By simply using the calm pressure with a lead and by then saying the command, they do what you want nearly every time lol (they are still puppies after all). I would recommend this great dog training company to anyone who wants to have a happy, healthy and well-trained K9’s.

Kind regards, Justine and Brett

Justine Pfeiffer & Brett Reid

Brisbane , QLD

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