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“The K9 Centre is a dog training company that specialises in dog behaviour training at levels from puppies to your naughty family dog right up if interested to specialist working dogs for family protection.

If you are an independent confident person, are great with people and confident in a crowd, have the motivation and drive to be your own boss, and want to learn from the dog training industry leaders then give us a call to learn more about The K9 Centre dog trainer Opportunities. This is the ideal dog training business for people who love the thought of working with dogs and have an enthusiastic and passionate approach to owning their own business. You the Dog Training business will be part of a team that has a strong support structure and is someone who cares about work/life balance.
Here at “The K9 Centre”, we understand that your success is our success. Our primary goal is to help our trainers with a successful dog training business. As a K9 Centre Dog Trainer you’ll have the benefit of one of the most respected names in the dog training business. Additionally, you’ll have the support of the industry’s most thoroughly researched and proven systems for operations, marketing, finance and overall business management and of course realistic successful dog training.

Have you always wanted to the great dog trainer, and want to know more about dog training than just the basics?
You MUST Love Dogs!

A Dog Training Business for dog lovers

  • Do you Love helping people & interacting with them ?
  • Happy, Motivated, Ambitious & Vibrant?
  • Are you Healthy and Outgoing?
  • Are Genuinely Caring and have an empathy to all animals?
  • Do you want to work for yourself but not by yourself?
  • Do you want Excellent Income Potential combined with Great Lifestyle plus job satisfaction?
  • Are you highly motivated to build a successful business and committed to success?

I want to be a dog trainer

Become a Dog Trainer

If you think a joining us as a K9 Centre Dog Trainer is the opportunity you have been looking for then we are happy to provide you with more information. The next step is to submit your information in the form below. Fill out the required information and then we can arrange to have one of our team to contact you. Alternatively you can phone Martin the owner and head trainer on 0411530861 or fill out the form by following the link below.

Become a Dog Trainer Today – The K9 Centre, Australia

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Join our team today and be the

Dog Trainer you have always want to be.

Call Martin – 0411 530 861

We are looking for Dog Trainers to join us in the Gold Coast North and South Areas, Brisbane South – Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.

Already a dog trainer or want to make dog training your passion
contact us today and we will let you know what we can do for you.
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