My Dog Nancy and her Problems

To the Lovely K9 Centre!

Thanks so much for helping me with my dog’s ( Nancy ) problems.

I was at my wit’s end, and in desperation, went searching on the internet one afternoon and came across your site. I saw it was a Brisbane company so thought I would give you a call.

40kilo German Shepherd Nando

The K9 Centre’s trainer was a gentle, sincere, knowledgeable, young man. I am 67 and retired in December 2010. I bought a dog from a S.A. trainer who told me Nando was 2cm too tall. I met her in Melbourne where she was attending a show and took Nando, he was a beautiful dog, quiet, wary and beautiful. I put him in the car and he looked at me and I looked at him and he was so confused but trusting.

I hadn’t had a dog since 1978 and always promised myself that when I retired I would get one. Why I chose a 40 kilo German Shepherd is a mystery, but I did, and it was obvious I needed help.

Puppy Training with Dogue de Bordeaux puppy

After purchasing an 8-week-old Dogue de Bordeaux puppy, knowing that he would become a very large dog we decided to do the right thing and have him trained. Having not been convinced nor impressed by the purely food/treat reward-based training shown to us at puppy preschool, it was an absolute delight to be shown the results and effectiveness of the confidence-based training employed by Martin at the K9 Centre.

Protection Training for 18-month-old German Shepherd Gus

I have been having one on one family protection training lessons with my 18-month-old German Shepherd Gus for 9 months now at the K9 Centre. We are learning obedience & protection which Gus has the natural drives for. Martin you are an incredibly patient man as I have asked 1 million questions. I have a lot of work ahead of us but feel I couldn’t be in better hands at the K9 Centre

Sam & Gus Morayfield