Our Dog Shasha

We thought we would take this opportunity to tell you how Sasha is going. Last you would have heard, she was at the digging stage. Since she turned 2 years old, she has changed dramatically. No more digging, taking clothes off the line, destroying plants… Sasha matured overnight almost. We thought all the training we did with you was not working, then all of a sudden she responded.


My Dog Lucy and Training with the K9 Centre

“I would like to applaud you on your great methods. I’m generally a skeptic when it comes to really fixing a problem but you made it possible for me to effortlessly get involved and enjoy my dog Lucy. The whole experience has been enjoyable for us both…”


Training my Puppies

“I am a really busy person – a mum, a wife, a friend, etc. – and K9 has helped me to get my two little babies in line and toilet trained them at the same time. I realised that with the right instruction my job was so much easier.
Thank you K9 Centre.”


18 month old Boxer Dog who was absolutely unruly

We have an 18 month old Boxer dog who was absolutely unruly. We had sent him to training at another dog training centre and he actually came back after a week of being away worse than when he left. Cadbury was unruly, chewed things especially plants, dug the garden and was very boisterous. After a…


Puppy Training our little Fluff Ball

Dear K9

This is just a quick note of appreciation to you for all that you have done to help Drew and I become first time parents to a Puppy.

When I bought Lewis home I had absolutely no idea what to do and how to house train this little fluff ball. Having being scared of dogs my whole life and never owning a pet, I cannot thank you enough for not only all that you have taught Lewis but all that you have taught me. You came so highly recommended from the Vet Lounge and I can truly appreciate why.

Your patience, calm nature and eagerness to see your ‘students’ succeed is admirable. We have been so blessed to have found this little guy but we feel even more blessed in knowing you helped us achieve all that was needed to make him an even better dog. Not only were you always here on time and gave us all the ‘ears’ in the world, but your follow up phone calls and check ins were much appreciated.

I definitely will have no hesitation in phoning you to visit again should we need a recap… Some how I think you have done such a great job that you may have cut yourself short for some extra work.

We look forward to having you in our and Lewis’s life and thank you again.

Kind regards,

Annie & Drew Walker


Training our 18 month old German Shepherd, Heinrich

Thank you The K9 Centre.

Josh & I would like to express our sincerest thanks to The K9 Centre in assisting with the training and development of our 18 month old German shepherd boy, Heinrich.
The K9 Centre’s training methods and techniques were simple but very effective, instantly we started to see results after our very first lesson.

Heinrich comes from very high drive working line and is very energetic. He was constantly pulling on the lead and it made it very hard for us to walk him and trust that he wouldn’t take off when seeing a cat or another person, but after just the first lesson we both felt much more confidence from our training that walking him went from being a nightmare to a fun activity that we now look forward to. We now have confidence in ourselves as well as in Heinrich that any distractions like joggers, cyclists or other dogs are not going to over stimulate him.

The K9 Centre and Martin has a great passion for what he does and this really shows through when he is demonstrating his training methods.
Dog training for us has now become something we really look forward to and wouldn’t hesitate recommending The K9 Centre. They is very approachable and always calls to check on our progress as well as Heinrich’s. We know that if we have any concerns we can call anytime and they wouldn’t hesitate to help us with whatever our issue may be.

The K9 Centre really was the answer to our worries, not only did our boy change into the dog that we always wanted him to become but we felt supported all the way along and we will continue training with them as Heinrich grows up.

Thank you for all your help !
Josh, Kate & Heinrich Breen.