We have 2 dogs, Dougie a Kelpie and Boots a Kelpie x Border Collie. I can’t speak highly enough about The K9Centre BoardSmart program.

WHEN…. we had run out of options and ideas with what to do with these two, we called The K9 Centre!  Dougie, brilliant dog the brains out the two, if he could escape he would, he wouldn’t walk with me or anything. Boots well…… what can say this boy was just wild, jumping, barking, running, so hypo active he was driving me mad! I used to have to walk these 2 together on my own with a baby in a pram!! Need I say more it was terrible, embarrassing and a job I dreaded. One of the trainers at The K9 Centre came to my rescue!  After calling over to the house to pick up the dogs for the K9 BoardSmart program, within 2mins of being there with Boots he had stopped him from jumping up and had him sitting! I wasn’t sure if I’d ever seen Boots sit before. I knew then I had made the right choice. Since they have come back home, its’ a pleasure being with them, I can walk them by my side, they don’t jump, and they are so calm, just what we wanted in a dog! We stick to the training and it works. Thank you so much to The K9 Centre for your help!!!!!

Many Thanks Laura