To the Lovely K9 Centre!

Thanks so much for helping me with my dog’s ( Nancy ) problems.

I was at my wit’s end,  and in desperation,  went searching on the internet one afternoon and came across your site. I saw it was a Brisbane company so thought I would give you a call.

After talking with you on the phone,at length, about Nancy’s various problems, we decided to go ahead with your programme.

Within minutes of you taking control of Nancy, only using the calming technique, she was a calm dog. Wayne and I were totally amazed!

She has become a different dog with the  simple techniques that you have taught us. All of our  friends and  relatives are commenting on the difference already.

It has also given me the confidence to tackle all of her many problems with hope,that sometime soon, we will have a beautiful dog.

I highly  recommend  this company, for helping anyone with Dog behavioural problems.

Regards Robyn and Wayne