Dear K9 This is just a quick note of appreciation to you for all that you have done to help Drew and I become first time parents to a Puppy. When I bought Lewis home I had absolutely no idea what to do and how to house train this little fluff ball. Having being scared of dogs my whole life and never owning a pet, I cannot thank you enough for not only all that you have taught Lewis but all that you have taught me. You came so highly recommended from the Vet Lounge and I can truly appreciate why. Your patience, calm nature and eagerness to see your ‘students’ succeed is admirable. We have been so blessed to have found this little guy but we feel even more blessed in knowing you helped us achieve all that was needed to make him an even better dog. Not only were you always here on time and gave us all the ‘ears’ in the world, but your follow up phone calls and check ins were much appreciated. I definitely will have no hesitation in phoning you to visit again should we need a recap… Some how I think you have done such a great job that you may have cut yourself short for some extra work. We look forward to having you in our and Lewis’s life and thank you again. Kind regards, Annie & Drew Walker