We just wanted to say thank you again for the massive improvement in Tash’s obedience after spending 10 days with you;  and of course, the extra time you spent with us teaching us how to continue on with both Tash and Bob.  Tash no longer jumps up whenever she sees us, she no longer jumps on my car when I come home, she has gone from a hyperactive attention seeking nuisance (who we did still love) to a calm, attentive 1-year old German Shepherd who is a pleasure to be around.  It is now also no longer a chore to take both Bob and Tash for walks, they both heel nicely on the lead instead of trying to have play fights with each other, pulling and tugging and being very annoying.  We really appreciate the time and effort you put in with both of them!

Thanks again,

Nesha and Charles