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Hi John,

Thank-you for visiting this page:

I will respond with each of the statements (numbered) you have made and provide my reasons for doing so.

1. I find it very interesting of the variances in review quality (poor to high) for K9 Dog Training. I need to share my involvement which is very much aligned to other people’s experiences. The common thread experienced is the last of contact with Jade.

No one can please everyone. You draw attention to lack of contact. True there are people that have left reviews saying they have had the same experience. It is certainly something we are working on. During the program some clients need to have constant contact however we are working on finding the happy medium that balances good customer service against the emotional needs of the customer, against the requirement for us to get the job done which is what we are paid for. You were contacted by Jade on Monday one night after the commencement of the program, with a picture of Gidget, and a text explaining things were going OK and she was beautiful dog and much loved already. Normally we then make contact throughout the program if we believe there is benefit in updating the client about the program progress. I certainly don’t want my trainers worrying about having to make contact everyday to appease human emotion when their priority should be focusing on the dog.

2. I called into the business residence at 9-00 pm only to not find her home.

I’m not sure what the issue is here. 9.00pm is out of business hours and it is Jade’s private residence.

3. I rang the door one, waited and then again.

Please see above response.

4. Dogs were barking in the garage.

Our security video shows the only dog barking is the next door neighbours dog. Her own dog may have barked as he has free run of the house.

5. Suddenly Jade arrived home after about 15 minutes.

Please see above response.

6. We were advised that she did work but along with many other ambiguous statements we did not really understand the depth of that work.

What is meant by this statement? Please elaborate so I can respond accordingly.

7. I did notice that there are security cameras on the door bell and I am sure were linked to her mobile phone hence she was aware of my arrival.

The cameras are for her safety against uninvited guests which is the same for every other house that has security cameras. If she was aware of your arrival isn’t that good? You might have been waiting an hour.

8. My visit was to acknowledge exactly how our dogie was going.

While I understand you love your dog and care for it, as do we with our client’s dogs and our own dogs, I suggest a more appropriate time to drop around would have been during business hours with prior arrangement made. You made no contact with Jade to organise a time. If you did ring out of hours then the call would not have been answered.

9. After loosing our youngest son this year our dogie means so much to my wife and I and like our own children when you can’t contact a person being well paid to train/care for them then you take the appropriate action.

I have no idea what it is like to lose a child but I would be devastated and I sincerely empathise. We run a business however, which even though offers a unique and highly sought after service with home boarding, has parameters around privacy and business hours.

10. After some brief discuss with Jade I decided that the environment which our dog was being trained/cared in was not conducive to “home grown’” training and engagement so I asked for my dog.

You were invited into Jade’s house prior to leaving Gidget to discuss the program and to show you the environment where Gidget would be trained. We value a level of trust with our clients and it is just as important for us to be comfortable with the client and their expectations before any training is conducted. Your discussion did not include any concerns at that time about the way the program was to be run or the environment Gidget would be kept in.

11. I waited a few minutes outside and our dog was handed back to me. I lifted up and out dog and placed her in the back seat of our car only to notice she was heavily perfumed around the collar. The balance of her body smelt of strong urine.

Gidgets training brief included toilet training along with a number of other behavioural issues. This is another benefit of the style of board and train we offer. We can work directly on house behaviours which you cannot do in a kennel environment. Gidget had a few accidents inside on the first day. As was discussed with yourself and Annabel at drop off we implement crate training if necessary as part of the toilet training process. Sometimes they will have an accident in the crate and can be soiled from it. We then simply give the dog a wash and keep going with the training it is part of the behaviour change process. Standard practice for us is to maintain a high level of hygiene at all times.

12. The following day I took our dog for examination and was advised she had been contained in a cage or similar confinement hence she had an abrasion on her behind and the area where the urine was was very consistent with such confinement.

You had initially stated to us in a different correspondence that the veterinarian diagnosed injury due to long term small space confinement. At that time mid November last year, I asked for a copy of the report from the veterinarian or at least a contact number for the vet so I could discuss the diagnosis with them. Neither of these was forthcoming. However, I find this diagnosis highly irregular with what we know to be true. Gidget had been with us for 2 nights when you collected her. There is no possibility of injury consistent with long term confinement. Once again can you please make available the name of the Veterinarian and the report from the Veterinarian showing the diagnosis you attest to.

13. That day I contacted Jane asking for my money back for the days our dog was not cared for.

Normally given enough notice and for valid reasons we will provide a refund no questions. However your booking was cancelled, by yourself, because you changed your mind three days into a 14 day program, which you had happily paid for in full on Day 2 of the program after visiting the premises. Added to that the booking was in one of our peak periods when bookings are at a premium booked out months in advance in some cases. The reason they are booked out in advance is because we don’t run a large boarding kennel, our boarding program is a bespoke service.

14. In reading the multicolored brochure I find that it is very carefully worded towards “dog training”. However I find the contradiction is around “family environment”. Really these terms can be “how long is a piece of string”; however I am sure the majority of people would have words like free-range, open engagement and not lengthy hour in a confined space while business is attended to.

I am slightly confused by this statement as you were invited into the home prior to leaving Gidget with us. “Free Range” ?? We don’t own a farm. We train specifically for realistic home based behaviours. All of our programs are tailored to the individual dog. If we know that a dog will benefit from crate training for example for we will conduct crate training. Of course this is always balanced out with massive amounts of hanging out with our dogs, relaxing in the yard with toys and play time, exactly how we treat our own dogs. We make no apology for what we need to do to remedy the behaviours of some dogs, as our goal is to help the dog have the best chance possible of a normal life, regardless of the misconstrued ideas of dog ownership shown by some people.

15. If you are a person who is going away overseas and don’t need to contact the dog trained just out of concern “like your own child” then this may be the dog training center for you.

We have clients that pay for this service obviously. Once again we all love our dogs but believing your dog is a child is the wrong mindset. It’s that mindset that has created the problems in Gidget in the first place, the problems that you wanted remedied in the program and it’s the mindset that caused you to act in our opinion, irrationally and highly inappropriately, arriving alone not with your wife, demanding your dog back on that Wednesday night, demanding to enter the house at 9:00pm, when everything was going to plan with Gidget’s program. If Jade was at all hesitant it was because she felt threatened by you and her 5 year old daughter and a visiting friend were inside.

16. However, my experience was totally negative as I had totally different expectation based on the glossary of experience they advertise towards.

Once again thanks for your feedback but how was the service negative? I am at a loss to determine how you feel we were doing the wrong thing by you other than and I’m assuming here, not making contact everyday, which is something we don’t advertise anyway. Can you please clarify how you believe your expectations were not met or how you believe we don’t operate as advertised.

17. Not having received a refund for the days our dog was not in training; well that really says it all for me!

I understand that you would like to receive a refund. However as you chose to change your mind three days into the program under Fair Trading Laws of Queensland you are not entitled to a refund. You are however entitled to us providing an alternative training option to achieve the outcome you paid for, which our records show was offered to you happily and without conditions on the 15th November 2018 Which you chose not to accept.

18. WARNING! When you leave your dog with Jade you sign a document which removes all their responsibility for them if your dog is injured in any way during their training. Is this professional and where is their duty of care; it may suggest that their service may be reckless and they void all injury to your pet claims.??????

Asking clients to sign a waiver is standard business practice. It simply protects the business owner from unscrupulous claims. It does not however remove or in any way diminish a duty of care, something we take very seriously. It certainly does not mean we are reckless and that we do not care about the welfare of your dog. Your dog left The K9 Centre in exactly the same condition that she arrived in.

19. I feel totally used by engaging this organization in the training of our dogie.

I am sorry that you feel that way, however we had no say in the cancellation of this program. Your arrival out of hours intimidating the trainer into returning Gidget, three days into a 14 day program is the cause of the program not being completed. I don’t mind providing refunds but not when you chose to stop the program which puts us out of pocket also, as we had fully prepared and planned for Gidget to stay for the full 14 days.

One final note: We at The K9 Centre pride our selves on professional practice at all times and will not tolerate inappropriate or intimidating behaviour from clients towards our trainers. We know dog ownership can be emotional but for the sake of all concerned boundaries need to be set. I have offered a resolution to you John, and will happily honour that. The very issues you have with Gidget which brought you to us in the first place will not simply go away which is why I have offered my professional help to you. I look forward to your response and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. My Phone number is 0411 530 861


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