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K9 WorkSmart is one of our K9 Smart Programs.

What is WorkSmart™?

As the name suggests it is a program we deliver that deals with your dog in a working role.

For example:

Family Protection Dog Training – Safe, Reliable and Social.
Companion Dog Training – Special needs, Family Specific Programs.

It is designed for the client that requires a specialist-training program to develop certain skills in their dog that normal behavioural and obedience training does not cover.

It also applies to the supply of well-trained dogs to those clients seeking to include a dog into their family life or into their business scope. As this program is custom in design please contact us for an obligation free quote.
We will discuss with you, your training needs and design the WorkSmart

What happens during a WorkSmart™ Program?

Your WorkSmart™ Program is individually designed for you so the actual training exercises conducted will vary from client to client. However what will happen in all WorkSmart™ Programs is the training is conducted by experienced, certified trainers who know exactly how to achieve the results needed. Quality assurance is provided via the assessment and testing protocols we utilize in our business, overseen by our Head Trainer. See Bio here.

The length of time required to train your dog in the WorkSmart™ Program will depend once again on requirement. We will outline timelines and associated costs for you prior to you agreeing to our services.

What are the benefits of our WorkSmart™Program?

The benefits include:

  • Industry experts conduct all training. Decades of experience both domestically and internationally underpin all WorkSmart™ Programs.
  • Because of our experience we can streamline the training program to minimize costs without impacting the integrity of the results achieved.
  • We are completely transparent with you as to what will happen throughout your custom WorkSmart Program, to achieve your desired training requirements.
  • We offer full support to you to ensure 1. You are making the right decision on the type of training you think you need, before we even start the program and 2. full support post training to ensure your dog does what it is supposed to do.
  • We offer a full Guarantee on this service. This guarantee is outlined in the training agreement.

How do I organise for a trainer to call me to discuss my WorkSmart™ requirement?

Simply phone The K9 Centre Call Centre on 1300 CALL K9 (2255 59) and leave you details and your local trainer will contact you to discuss your training requirements.

What methods of payment
do you accept?

We accept payment via our mobile EFTPOS facility. Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are OK. We add a 1.5% bank surcharge to all credit card transactions.

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