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In Home Dog Training for our Kelpie JOJO

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Training my kelpie dog

It has been over a year since you trained Jojo with us on a one to one basis in your K9 HomeSmart Program. I thought you would like to know that our hyperactive Kelpie developed into a beautiful, calm, responsive dog since. Our son continues to walk Jojo daily using the K9 Calm Smart Dog Training Method. We often do long leash training (to keep up the training) but he can walk next to us without a leash – without running off. He does not bark anymore (the reason we called you in the first place), nor does he destroy the garden (as he has learnt to relax now). Our neighbours are most impressed that he calmed down. In fact they thought he went on leave – he is so quiet and content now. There is still plenty room of improvement on a busy dog beach (he listens reluctantly, but is constantly improving), but all in all he is a great dog. Jojo still loves his crate and often goes in by himself. It seems to be his personal space and retreat. I would have not thought how effective this is. When we go out in the evening he retreats in his den and waits (sleeps) happily until we return home. What a difference to before when he barked the whole neighbourhood down. I never thought that the training would make such a difference!

Thanks again, to The K9 Centre, I hope many other dog owners & dogs will benefit from your training.

Kind Regards Monika


Brisbane, Queensland


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