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Local Laws Dog Handling – Dangerous Dog Assessment and Handling Workshop

MANY dog training options available, Just ask what we can do for you and your best friend!

Dangerous Dog and Dog Handling Course Overview

This canine workshop is conducted by Martin Dominick of the K9 Centre Australia and is designed for those who interact with dogs whether dangerous or not whilst in their work day.

Job descriptions include but not limited to:

  • Council Local Laws
  • Rangers
  • Kennel Staff
  • Veterinary Staff
  • Postal Workers
  • Gas and Electricity Meter Readers
  • All front line staff ( Ambulance, Police and fire and Rescue)

This course provides participants with instruction and hands on learning with all the equipment and a trained dog.
You will learn how to read the canine body language and identify  the different stages and causes of dog aggression and how and when to use the  appropriate response to minimise or totally avoid serious injury. Whilst in the course we will demonstrate and dog biting and  also have an interactive dog bite session with a fully trained dog with any staff that wishes to participate. We do have a full dog suit available for this.
This course can be conducted at your premises at a time convenient to you.

All of our courses can be customised to meet your industry standards

Dangerous Dog Handling