7 month old beagle that needs training

Max our 7 month old Beagle Needed Training!

7 month old beagle that needs training

Thank You from All of Us and Max

Our puppy Max who is 7 months old, is extremely energetic and always seeking attention. Since Max is a beagle his nose tends to take over and he seems to forget his hearing ability, thus completely ignoring anything my husband and I would say. Another issue that we had was the continuous barking at anything he found in the garden.

We had previously taken max to another puppy school, however that was a class full of puppies and we simply did not get all the information we needed to get Max fully trained. We than decided to try The K9 Centre Home Smart Training as we thought it would be best to get Max trained in the environment that he is accustomed to. This was by far the best choice we made, from the first day that The K9 Centre Dog Trainer came to our home for training we started noticing changes in Max’s behaviour straight away. The techniques and the psychology behind Max’s behaviour is what we needed to learn in order to get Max to listen to us. The K9 Centre Brisbane North  took a lot of time and effort to understand Max’s behaviour to ensure that he gave us all the critical details we needed in order to get Max’s behaviour changed. Since the training Max is listening to both my husband and I, his barking is under control and he is much calmer and well behaved when we have people over. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all  your time, effort and patience in helping us get our puppy Max fully trained. We know that if we have any issues with Max we can give them a call anytime and he will be happy to assist us. We would confidently recommend The K9 Centre Brisbane North to anyone who needs help with their dogs as he is an excellent trainer.

Kind regards, Dinel, Deepa and Max

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