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Our 8 month old Miniature Fox Terrier Puppy

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When I first contacted the The K9 Centre Gold Coast about HOMESMART in home dog training for my then 8 month old miniature fox terrier puppy, I wasn’t sure if her aggression could be cured.  When she was about 5 months old I had a fall and she ran away, she was found and brought back to the house by a man, and there were two male paramedics attending to me, and then took me away.  Since then Gypsy showed aggression towards anyone new coming to the house, especially males.

Our dog trainer showed up to our first training session and Gypsy nearly launched herself off the top step to try to get to him and displayed very aggressive behaviour.   Within 20 minutes, with our trainer giving us guidance, we had managed to calm her down and have her sit next to us without excessive aggression.  I also have a physical disability, which I thought would make training difficult as some things I cannot do, however, so he adapted the technique to suit me.

Within the next four sessions Gypsy showed less aggression and was responding to other training K9 had taught us, she is getting much better when new people come to the house.  At the second last session Gypsy was playing and rolling over for belly scratches from our trainer and we were able to let her run around without  aggressive behaviour.

Gypsy has improved out of sight since my decision to contact the K9 Centre for her.  I cannot recommend their services highly enough.  Thank you so much K9 for your training expertise and knowing that I can call at any time in between sessions if I am unsure how to handle a situation.

Thankyou Amy M


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