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Our 2yr 69kg Bull Mastiff – Boss!

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Our 2yr 69kg Bullmastiff – Boss!

We recently moved from a property that had 1 quiet dog as a neighbour, to 4 small persistent barking dogs as neighbours. Unfortunately this new environment did not go down well with our 2yr 69kg Bullmastiff – Boss!

The Fence

The effect on Boss was instant! The aggression he displayed when these dogs were barking on our fence line, was something we had never witnessed, it was upsetting and scary, for me and the children. My main concern was, this could ignite at any time and I had absolutely no control.

The Walk

My husband works away 5wks and only home 7 days plus we recently moved from NZ, so I had no family or friends to watch the children, 2yr, 4yr, 6yr, 9yr. To say walking Boss with a Pram & 4 Kids was a “Mission”, is an understatement! I must say, being 5 foot nothing and choosing a breed of dog that weighs 10kg more then me, certainly wasn’t one of my wisest choices and Lord help us, if we were ever “unlucky” enough to encounter another dog, all hell would break loose. Even a shot of Vodka couldn’t ease the mental or physical strain, some days I didn’t know if I was “God” for getting through these walks or just plain, “Stupid”!

The Play

Boss’s idea of play was to run around like crazy, full throttle! The problem was that on the “home straight”, it was always a game of “cat & mouse”, you could never tell if he was going to STOP and most times….he didn’t!

The Meeting

Even before confirming an appointment, Al would phone to check how I was coping. On meeting Al, my husband and I were so impressed with the Knowledge, Techniques, Advice and ongoing support. It was such a relief to finally have answers and the tools to work with and understand Boss.

On following Al’s advice, Boss is now rarely agitated at the neighbours dogs and he will come away from the fence on my command. My knee’s no longer knock when Boss decides to run towards me, he now stops on my command, truly a miracle! And I am Proud to say that I now HAVE and CAN control my very large & heavy dog, when out in Public.

Al-the Trainer

Al is more then a Dog Trainer, he is unique!

Al took the time to listen and understand the dynamics of our family, he made learning easy and solutions workable, he either worked around the children or he included them. His Guidance, Support and Especially his Patients, has truly been a life saver. Due to suffering from depression, each day has it’s challenges but after experiencing a dog bite, my confidence went into a downward spiral. Unbeknown to Al, he has not only helped me regain my confidence as a Dog Owner, but as an individual and as a parent. Al has played a major role in keeping our family unit together and for that, we are all very grateful…..thank-you

Jacs, Ra, 5 kidz + Giant Dog “Boss”


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