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K9 WorkSmart Personal Protection Consult


K9 WorkSmart Personal Protection Consult

Personal protection is a fantastic avenue of training to follow with your dog if it has the right genetics for that specific discipline.
We have developed a process of determining your dog’s suitability for protection training, involving online consults and/or a face to face assessment and training session, that provides the feedback we need to decide if your dog will be a suitable candidate for protection training.
Teaching a dog to display aggression or bite if necessary is not dangerous (unless you’re the bad guy). In fact if the training is conducted correctly it teaches the dog to be less instinctive with aggression, (which by the way, all dogs are capable of) and more responsive to relevant threats to your individual situation.
Trained correctly, your dog will become a valued protector of you, personally, or your family and home without changing the fact that it is a family pet. You will still be able to play with your dog and take it for walks, it’s just nice to know that if something should ever threaten you, you have a protective ally with you.
The session is 90 minutes. COST $280

Once you have decided to go ahead with our “K9 WorkSmart Personal Protection Consult and Assessment” please click on the Online booking form below and choose a suitable / available time and date. On our booking form it will also take you through the payment process which is secure with SQUARE.

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