K9 WorkSmart Dog Training Programs

Our Specialist Dog Training

All of our dogs are trained to standards set here at the K9 Centre and these will be explained to you before your dog goes with you.
We will demonstrate how the training is carried out and how to maintain it at level of effectiveness, whether your dog has been trained as a drug detection dog or a top level police patrol dog.
Along with your dog being trained or buying a trained dog as a Family Protector you as a handler owner are also trained in handling and day to day care and maintenance of your new family member. We also include ongoing email and phone support.
We will be available to answer any question you may have now or in the future by phone, e-mail or face to face, about your dog and the day to day handling and care.

Protection and Detection Dog Training

This type of training is designed for you the client that requires a specialist training or training program to develop protection or detection skills in their dogs that normal behavioural and obedience training does not cover.
It also applies to the supply of well-trained dogs to those clients seeking to include a dog into their team, business or family environment.

Those requirements may be for:

  • Personal or family protection training that is safe and reliable, or,
    for a higher level security dog role that allows the dog to work in the security field in multiple workplace environments.
  • Detection dog requirements where the dog is required to detect pests, drugs, explosives or deceased persons for example.



We have the qualifications,know-how and experience to train to any requirement and provide you with excellent after-program support to ensure you achieve success with your working dog or dogs.

K9 WorkSmart – A cost effective program that delivers effective-relevant- reliable results.

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Protection Dog Training & Dogs

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The K9 WorkSmart  – Protection Dog Training

The K9 WorkSmart Dog Training Program is one of our K9 Smart programs that allows you as a dog owner to implement the basics of family protection into your dogs life in a safe and reliable manner.
This program will assist you with training your dog to be a valuable and enjoyable well balanced family pet, that can also provide you with safe reliable protection for your family and its environment. This program will teach you and your dog without dangerous aggression unpredicted, to be a solid, calm well trained dog.

Our dogs are selected for their individual temperament and health which is needed to meet the criteria of our K9 WorkSmart Program. Our dogs are family friendly  and well rounded. We take pride in the quality of our dogs and we guarantee the dog’s training.

Protection Training Your Dog

If you are looking for a dog that has already been protection trained, The K9 Centre always can train you a dog that is suitable for your family or start you off with a puppy that is selected and is suitable for your needs. We source all breeds of dogs for all situations (no dog fighting) and can train to your specific family requirements.
Buying a trained dog is a big decision for anyone and it should not be taken lightly.
It does not matter whether it is a protection or detection dog or an obedience trained pet the following questions relate to each type of purchase.


  • Is the dog sound and trained to set standards?
  • Is the trainer qualified to train dogs at this level and what are the qualifications
  • Has the trainer had experience in this type of training?
  • Is the dog healthy and does it come with a veterinary health certificate and full vaccination?
  • Will a trainer spend time with me and my dog?<
  • Can I contact you if I should have a problem with my dog?
  • When you purchase dog from us the answer to the above questions is YES!

Detection Dog Training & Dogs

detectiondogs and training - K9 WorkSmart Dog Training - Family Protection Dog Training and Security Dog Training
K9 WorkSmart - Detection Dog Training

The types of training that we offer under this category are:

  • Explosives Detection Dogs and Training
  • Drugs / Narcotics Detection Dogs and Training
  • Accelerant Detection Dogs and Training
  • Cadaver Detection Dogs and Training
  • Termite Detection Dogs and Training
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs
  • Other substances upon application

For more information about our specialist dog training go here www.k9centre.com

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