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K9 Puppy Smart lessons are a series of weekly in home puppy lessons conducted by trained and qualified Puppy trainers. During this early stage of puppy development it is important to mix well balanced play and guildlines to set your puppy off for the best start in life.
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If you are looking for puppy training,

  • Puppy Training carried taught without pain inflicted on your pet.
  • Puppy training without food, doesn’t matter if your puppy is food motivated or not.
  • Puppy Training that is kind and humane, positive and leadership based.
  • Puppy Training with a quick, calm effective method, no stress and no yelling.
  • Puppy Training by experienced certified trainers
  • Free telephone advice

Puppy Lessons In Home

  • Puppy management, feeding, bedding, crate training
  • Socialisation and introduction to as many things in your puppies life
  • Everything you need to know when you bring your new puppy home

The best time to start training your new puppy is as soon as they come home! Your puppy needs to have been vet checked and have had their first vaccinations before they have even left the breeder and be microchipped by law in Australia. Because your puppy is NOT FULLY VACCINATED, our puppy lessons in home are the safest way to ensure that all veterinary guidelines are carried out.

We are committed to ensuring both you and your puppy start off happy on the right paw and have an enjoyable life together.

A family owned and operated Dog training Company business, and all of our dog trainers are experienced and are trained and guided by Martin Dominick who has 30+ years of dog and puppy training and developement experience in both the Military working dog sector and the Civilian Dog Training field.

For further information about us or our canine training programs please Call 1300 225 559

WHY K9 PuppySmart?

When it comes to training, the early months of your puppy’s life is very important. They will learn vital skills when they are young and these early life lessons will influence how your puppy will communicate and learn as they develop into an adult dog. Our Puppy school trainers consist of experienced and/or qualified dog trainers with a special interest in animal behaviour to help your puppy reach their potential.

Involvement For the whole family.

A puppy is a part of the whole family so we encourage you to bring along the kids. Our classes will teach you about puppy and dog socialisation, dog communication, leadership, child and dog safety, training, vet care and troubleshooting naughty behavior. You will learn how to decipher canine communication so that you can have a better understanding of why and how your pet learns and plays.

Puppy Training you can trust, with no stress!

The K9 Centre PuppySmart program is a very interactive puppy training course that will allow you and your puppy to train in a safe, calm and positive environment, YOUR HOME.

Puppy training includes:

  • Calming and handling techniques
  • Sit
  • Come
  • Drop
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Crate Training advice

These training techniques will help curb common ‘unwanted’ puppy behaviours such as:

  • Toilet training
  • Winging
  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Hyper-activity
  • Separation behaviours

What is the best age to start your PuppySmart Program?

It is best to arrange an appointment with us as close to your “bring home day” of your new puppy. A puppy is considered to anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks.

How many lessons do I need with my puppy?

Our K9 PuppySmart programs consist of three in home visits with intervals that suit your lifestyle and your puppy.

Is your dog older than 16-20 weeks?

Our trainers can offer ongoing courses if you choose a working path for your canine, or simply come across new behavioural problems as your pup gets older, please make an enquiry and we can advise you of what’s available for older dogs and some of their potential problems are covered below.

Our trainers deal with any dog related problem including:

Dog Training Problems Solved:

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