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Rufus is going great with his dog training

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Rufus is going great with his dog training

Rufus is going GREAT!

Rufus is going GREAT!  Honestly your program was so worth the money & the effort to get him there. Actually I have given your name & contact details to a client of mine who has two large & out of control dogs the same age as Rufus. I do hope he contacts you. His name is Simon ******* & he is from Kingaroy. As he concedes, he has already spent way more than the cost of having his dogs trained with repairing & replacing all they have destroyed!

Anyway, so far Rufus is a changed dog-that is changed for the better 🙂 He is doing everything he should with no problems & only occasionally needs to be reminded when he is being a little TOO affectionate. An unexpected bonus is that instead of slinking off at every chance to sleep on his couch, he will come outside with me & stay there without any direction from me, watching what I am doing or just keeping me company. It is really nice & he is a pleasure to have around.

He even stands back & waits until I put his food down & tell him he can have it. I have to admit I have not yet taken him for an on lead ‘walk’ into town, but have checked that he can & will still walk on the lead for when I do want to do that. No problem at all with that. I did clip one of his nails & he was OKish with it but it is probably a two person job. I will make sure I work on that so he doesn’t slip backwards.

He has also stopped most of his unprovoked barking! He had gotten to the stage that he was barking at shadows before you took him on & it was getting quite annoying. He did go beserk & rightly so when a koala tried to break into the house last week. Seriously! It was surreal, jumping up onto the glass door trying to get in. Even then Toby could calm him down & remove him from the excitement quite easily.

I can not speak of the training program highly enough, and your obvious expertise also. I would not hesitate to recommend the training to anyone who has a dog. In fact I wish it was mandatory for dog ownership. The world would be a much better place with happy, contented & obedient dogs!!

I am watching Rufus’ weight & changed to a (almost) raw diet. I won’t be buying any more dog biscuits when this packet is finished. I tried to source the meat you use but it is a bit difficult out here, so as a temporary measure I mixed up a heap of meat, offal, eggs, vegetables & marine oil & froze them into patties the size you said he should be eating & he eats it just fine. It is also very convenient for me to just thaw out one at a time & it is so easy to feed him now. I haven’t weighed him yet to see how he is going.

Anyway I hope all is going well with you & I’ll keep in touch & let you know if I have any problems.

Kind regards

Wendy Zerbst Sunshine Coast Queensland


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