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SOKKS Scent Detection Dog Training Aids

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scent detection dog training supplies

SOKKS ® K9 Detection Training Aids – Real Odour

SOKKS-MPTS is NOW AVAILABLE to ALL Private Dog Trainers
ALL PRICES IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS – * All Australian Orders will include GST

SOKKS is the world’s first suite of Pure Odor Scent Kits Scientifically Developed for the training of K9’s in the Scent Detection Field.

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SOKKS-MPTS® Scent Training System for Detection Dogs

The Future for in-service training of police, military and civilian drugs, explosives, cadaver and accelerant (arson) dogs just got a whole lot easier and safer. The SOKKS-MPTS® process was developed in Germany in the late nineties and has been a standard training system for the many police detection dog units worldwide since 1997. The system allows safe handling of all odours including drugs and explosives training aids without the need for special precautions, storage or transport. Training times for dogs are measurably shorter.
SOKKS-MPTS® is not pseudo it is pure odour.

SOKKS-MPTS® is the first and only training system that uses minute quantities of PURE odour to condition a detection dog. It is completely free of the inherent contaminants such as wrappers, fillers or cutting agents that are present in other dog training aids today.


K9 Detection Dog Training Aids