Security Patrol Dogs & Police Trained Dogs

Training dogs for security patrol is generally the same as a personal protection dog but they are taught to protect a handler in the working environment and will be trained to defend from multiple attackers. We have had in the past both government and civilian security experience so we know what we are talking about when it comes to threat levels on the job and how your dog can be used as a deterrent or if push comes to shove WILL save you. K9 Centre trains dogs for use in and around schools, hospitals, offices and industrial business. Dogs are trained for work with guards for patrol duties. Our trainers can work with your specific needs to create a patrol dog that meets your business security requirements.

Security Patrol Dogs & Police Trained Dogs

Security Dog Handler Courses

Available Dogs, Training Time and Prices

Your K9 is personally selected by Martin Dominick and this dog will be the dog exclusively for you and your needs and it makes no difference if it is one dog for a family situation or a complete dog squad set up with ten canines.

The minimum training time that is required for each dog is generally 3 months depending on personal training requirements for the type of dog required. Prices start from $6,000 AU with a 50% deposit required on placement of your order and balance on completion. If more than one dog is required, or you require a team and handler training please contact us directly for a quote.

For more information or to place an order E-mail or call 1300 225 559

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