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Our termite detection dogs are trained using live termites of many different species and are harvested in the correct manner to keep their original odour pure.
This helps ensure the quality and integrity of our dogs and their training.

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Martin Dominick has trained over 25 individually owned Termite Detection Dogs for members of the Pest Control and building industry in Australia and 2 dogs abroad. Latest dog delivered early September 2018.

Discuss with us about  having a  detection dog trained that will track down live termites for your business. Termite Detection Dogs are the industries “Natural Pest Detectors”  finding live termite infestations in all environments. We have the experience in training detection dogs with over 100 detection dogs already in the workplace within Australia and overseas . Inquire how a specialist trained Termite Detection Dog can make your job easier with a very accurate outcome.Termite Dogs | Termite Detection Dogs | Termite Sniffer Dogs | Termite Dogs Australia

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