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Mack the Termite Detection Dog

Termite Detection Dog – Mack

Mack the Termite Detection Dog Mack “The Termite Dog” working at finding termites on the Gold Coast Queensland with his handler and owner Dave  The Pest Guru are a family owned Gold Coast business which specialise in termite inspections. We use all the latest tools, have nine years experience AND have a professionally trained Termite…

7 month old beagle that needs training

Max our 7 month old Beagle

Max our 7 month old Beagle Needed Training! Thank You from All of Us and Max Our puppy Max who is 7 months old, is extremely energetic and always seeking attention. Since Max is a beagle his nose tends to take over and he seems to forget his hearing ability, thus completely ignoring anything my…

dog training for Shar pei dogs

Shar pei Dog Training

Dog Training and our Beautiful Shar Pei Before contacting the K9 Centre, I always envied those people walking down the street with their well-behaved dogs trotting calmly next to them. We thought we were destined to be dragged along the foot path by our two excitable Shar Pei’s forever. My husband and I were very sceptical at first.…