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Toilet Training our Dog FizzGig!

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Toilet Training our Dog FizzGig!

We wanted to express our thanks to The K9 Centre and their trainers!

When we first contacted The K9 Centre, our main concern was toilet training.  We had hoped our little Japanese Spitz puppy Fizzgig would mostly be an indoor dog, however, due to us not being able to get him toilet trained, we had to banish him to the balcony.  We were also having huge troubles taking him for walks.  For such a high spirited dog, as soon as we put a lead on him, all he would do is sit down and no amount of persuasion could get him to move forward!  After our first meeting with our trainer, the walking situation improved immediately.  The toilet training has taken more time, but that was due to Fizzy having to unlearn a lot of the behaviour we had taught him.  They also really helped us with lots of other training tips and pointers which we needed particularly as neither of us had owned a dog.  Our little puppy now prances along on his walks and can live inside as a member of our family.

My advice to anyone would be not to delay in contacting The K9 Centre and writing unsavoury behaviour off on your dog just being a puppy and hoping he will grow out of it.  If you set them up well when they are young you will have a great relationship with them for life.

Thanks again, George and Zara

George and Zara

Brisbane South, Queensland

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