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Training a German Shepherd near Golden Retrievers

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The German Shepherd?

An interesting situation happened yesterday while I was working with a clients GSD (German Shepherd Dog) in a public space, that Is worthy of a mention. The dog I was working has fear aggression issues to the point it becomes highly agitated around dogs in general. Through good solid obedience we have achieved a foundation of calm confidence in the dog in certain environments, due to it now trusting me that I wont let it get it hurt while in that environment. Of course we have a way to go. With these particular cases it is of paramount importance that the dog does remain unharmed as it develops it depth of confidence.
However not the point of the story………..
As I was working this dog, I happened to be outside a public dog park that had a number of Golden Retrievers running and playing inside. I use dog parks, on occasion, as a source of stimulus for the dogs I am training because it is a controlled stimulus. I know where the dogs are and I know they cannot get to me in most cases, of course I am ever vigilant as I do this to ensure as I stated above, my dog does not get hurt or even over stimulated.
Anyway I had been doing basic obedience; heel work, drop stay, recalls etc. and he was doing great. I pushed a little closer to the dog park, to find my critical stimulus distance, when all hell broke loose.

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