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Training Barney our Dalmatian Dog

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Barney the naughty dalmation dog that was rescued from the RSPCA

I just wanted to thank you again for training my almost four year old pure breed dalmatian Barney.

My husband and I bought Barney from the RSPCA Brisbane where we found out that he was a ‘black tag’ dog meaning that he had either been abused, given up or neglected.  It was love a first sight.  When we first met him, he pulled the RSPCA trainer along for the walk, so we knew we were going to have our hands full.  Not long after we got him home we enrolled him and us into the recommended RSPCA dog training.  He passed but we found that he was still pulling us along for the walks and would not pay any attention to either of us unless we had food to reward him for his attention.  Needless to say, he put on a bit of weight.

I slowly noticed that the original training we had was no longer working and he was getting quite bored with food rewards.  Morning walks were getting painful for all involved and over time, we found walking him in the mornings a chore.  This is when I found The K9 Centre Dog Training.

You had you hands full on the first day of training with Barney.  You were fantastic through all of the training sessions and always explained what he was about to do, what the dog was thinking and what the outcome would be.

By the third training session, it was like we had a completely different dog.  He now walks loosely on his lead, he pays attention to us all the time and not just on walks (without food) and his behaviour changed for the best.

Words can not express how happy both my husband and I are with Barney now and the outcome of the training.  The training K9  did was amazing and it has exceeded out expectations.

For anyone looking for a reliable, dedicated and professional dog training business, look no further than K9 Centre.  I recommended it.

Kind regards,

Joanne and Anthony Gatley

Joanne & Anthony

Owners of Barney


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