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Training Labrador Puppies – Two of THEM!

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Training Labrador Puppies - Two of Them

labrador puppies in training with the K9 Centre

After adopting 2 six month old Labrador puppies whom I was advised had basic obedience training and no problems I got them home and soon started to tear my hair in frustration as I had two anxious, nervous terrors who constantly barked, had zero manners and were unable to be taken out in public let alone be walked on a lead as even at six months old they were big for Labrador pups and everything made them jump pull or shy away. I made several several attempts to train them myself but soon realised that I didn’t have the tools or the experience to deal with them. I made a few calls in my local area and was basically told that they couldn’t help me as I was unable to turn up to the lesson that they had planned in there week (I am a shift worker and cannot guarantee my attendance at any event until the Thursday before). I finally found our dog trainer and I am pretty sure they saved my sanity they where happy to do private lessons at my convenience and where very flexible with last minute changes. After 3 lessons many of them focusing on my confidence and behaviours I have two completely different dogs, They are calm happy and can now spend nearly the whole day in the backyard without barking and they love going and visiting dog parks and other dogs. Walking on a lead is slowly improving and their manners are improving in leaps and bounds and now that I have the tools to control the situation and every walk is slowly getting better.
Sam and David – Frustrated Dog Owners:)

Sam and David

Brisbane Queensland


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